How to Protect your Videos?

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Whats your strategy for getting your video products to your customers digitally?

I'm planning on hosting the videos on a password protected page.
Then having the shopping cart or something generate a new password for the customer when they check out.

I don't know of any system that does this though.
For those of you that distribute videos, what do you use?

Password management seems like a nightmare.
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    Did I post this in the wrong forum?
    Maybe it should be in the coding/techy section...

    Although I was hoping everyone would share what methods they've tested and what worked best for them.

    Just had my first $200/month with affiliate sales!!! Woohoo!!! :)

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    Hi Chris.

    Not sure if this will suit what you need, but I am using a membership script called MemberFire. It's pretty easy to use, it allows the user to setup their own username and password, and has a built in password retrieval function.

    So you can create a folder inside the members area of the site and store all your videos in a folder called videos for example, which is located in the members folder. Then put your links on a page or several pages inside the members folder of the site. You can also create different membership levels depending on what you want to do with the site.

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      I also thought that butterfly marketing was software for creating a password protected page.

      Anyone used that and can confirm?


      Just had my first $200/month with affiliate sales!!! Woohoo!!! :)

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        I own a copy of amember, but its overkill for non-subscription products.
        Its complicated because its set up for monthly reoccuring subscriptions.
        I might end up going with that since memberfire is overkill as well.

        I wonder how hard it would be for a coder to simple create a password protected page and some function tied into the shopping cart that generates a new password for each new buyer.

        Just had my first $200/month with affiliate sales!!! Woohoo!!! :)

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    A custom solution would probably cost you more than memberfire's $47 price.

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    I think you can use the butterfly marketing software to do the same thing. I am waiting for my copy to arrive, so I can't comment with certainty on that.


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    I use Fantasos/DelAvo and it will do what you want with
    no problem. You create a private subfolder, put your
    site on it with a username and password (admin) - then
    the script issues a password to each new paid user.

    It's really very simple membership stuff. There are many
    scripts that do this and in fact simple password protection
    is all membership scripts really need to do - of course many
    include advanced features. There are free membership
    plugins for Drupal and Wordpress I think (Joomla too I would
    imagine, not that "free" should be your criteria).
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    Sorry I can't respond with any suggestions as it is something that i have yet to do, but your post has answered a few questions i have about channels for distributing digital products that i intend to sell so thanks for the information much appreciated
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