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I'm curious to learn how you do you guys plan your day. Quite often I find there's too much to do that it's hard to properly organize which tasks you hope to get done and there's really no point "multi-tasking" in that sense because the quality and productivity seem to decline.
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    My plans is always seeking the 20% of the effort that generates 80% of the desired results.
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      I plan my day by focusing on money making activities first. And the rest can come after that.

      Money making activities consist of...

      1. Writing emails and sending them to my list
      2. Creating new ads to split test
      3. Tweaking campaigns that may need changing
      4. Sending out emails to solo ad vendors
      5. Writing solo ad emails and placing orders

      Non money making activities consist of...

      1. Making a logo for your site
      2. Designing your ebook cover
      3. Strategizing and never taking action
      4. Trying to learn a skill that can be outsourced on Fiverr

      Learn to observe the things that you do that make you money. And also things that you do that DONT make you money. By doing that it will soon become easier for you to learn what to prioritize and what not to prioritize.
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      You should have a general idea about your attack plan. But plugging away at your business little by little over a long period of time is what will give you the desired results. So many internet marketers don't have perserverance and are only out to make a quick buck and abandon many of their projects after a short period of time. Monitor your businesses' numbers, they don't lie. And always remember that insanity is using the same attack plans time after time and expecting different results.
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  • Yes, there are times when things get hectic. When that happens, you need a realistic and effective plan.

    Making a plan is not hard, executing the plan is the hardest part. You just have to be really focused to follow a plan.
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    I feel for you. Time management is really hard to do and maintain but good time management can be achieved in time as long as you have the will and goal to make it a habit!

    For me, I made my own kanban board which I always update everyday. It helps me focus on what things to do on a particular time and also it gives me good direction on what to prioritize.

    My kanban board contains columns where I put all my activities for the day. These columns are:

    *List: list of everything that I need to do
    *To-dos: contains the things I need to do for the day
    *Doing: Is what I am doing NOW
    *Done: All that was done for the day
    *Backlogs: The things I have not completed

    Well this worked for me so I am sticking on this plan I hope this idea helps.
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    Big question!

    Some things that I learned and it helps me so much!
    I personally work a lot in my product creation, marketing, managing....

    1. most important to understand that what important is not what you are doing, but what you are NOT doing! clean all the distractions, define a clear period of time when you are highly productive.

    2. Like movemaker said - focus on the right activities. Make sure you are making sales EVERY DAY. Delegate all other activities! And what if you are not ready to sell yet? find a way! now!

    3. Use pomodoro technique to make things done! There is some helpful software which I will use one day (as soon as candy crush stops adding more levels....)
    not affiliate link.
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    After taking care of required tasks...

    I work on whatever happens to be occupying my mind at the moment. I think about many things at once, when things are ready they grind to the top and I deal with them.
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