[SQUEEZE PAGE] Replace the blog homepage by a squeeze page is valid?

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Writting again,

Good morning,

I have one blog about relationship, seduction and love. Many subjects are writting.... There are a squeeze page for each topic in the site.

I have 600 daily visitors in homepage, 80 are redirection for each topic in the squeeze page... My autoresponder is listwire and even though it shows 33% from total of inscrits, only 2 - 4 do the registration confirmation .

It is intended to put the site's homepage as squeeze page, settling only one index.html in the root of the site, along with the index.php of wordpress. The site load, thus the squeeze page and not the blog.

I don't wanna change the blog folder as lose all organic traffic already generated as
links would change ...

I want to know if you think it feasible be used on the blog home page as squeeze page that captures user data and then releases by e-mail access to the blog and aaos other site features.

I thank you kindly for the answers,

Saved copy of the post if it will be deleted,
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    I'm not sure if I understood you, but I'll give it a try. If your topics are closely related to each other, you should just put everyone in the same list. Try using a pop-up or lightbox opt-in box. Try offering some kind of bonus like a short report or case study for when they register and confirm their email.

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    Locked on the topic at this link :

    I must emphasize that when I put my website seducaoautomatica.com in my post I have no interest in disclosing it up because you do not represent the target audience of my products ( for reasons of niche and language) . As you probably know , I am Brazilian , not American . And all I wanted was here just to receive help because I know you Americans this forum are light years ahead of us . As to disseminate the rules of the forum is a little difficult to get access to them all ... I have read on this forum using google translator. And yet , given that you are not the target audience for my product and my intention is only to be helped , I believe not be justified attitude to delete my post . But anyway ... It has happened and is over.

    My problem situation :

    I'll explain my situation step by step so you understand and can provide feedback and help me as much as possible .

    I have a blog installed on site with seducaoautomatica . When we installed the wordpress index.php puts it in the root of our site . If we try to just put an index.html in the root along with a wordpress squeeze page with the blog will continue to exist , not just loading my homepage . You can view the articles in seducaoautomatica-com/artigos ( used static home pages and articles) and other functions of the blog (still installed) .

    The big question is : has any value use the homepage (which has 600 daily visitors ) but several issues in the topic as squeeze page ? Each subtopic of my site already has a ... And although in each subtopic I have 80 visitors , 33 % daily entries and only 2-4 confirmations (because my audience is Brazilian and email confirmation is powerless to change english language).

    About freebies to list I've transmission: use videos, articles, ebooks, etc ....

    If you can help, thank you for your kindness! I wish all the best!
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