Reading Copywriting Stuff Saved me $25.254 on One Contract

by milan
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As of today I'm going to be happier in my life. Because I've finished a big job, buying a new apartment. I've learned many lessons, don't really want to bore you with details.
The essential fact is, I've invested in a an apartment with a construction company, the contract was signed a year ago. Since then the value of this real estate went down, due to economic crisis.
The company was in a great position, they had my contract and most of my money. It felt impossible but at the end I've managed to negotiate $25.254 less than in the contract. Not a whole lotta of money, this new price is good for me though. In reality they didn't have to give me any discount, because the contract was all good for them. This was quite a challenge for me.

I just wish I had the skills I used much earlier in my life. That's the point I'm sharing with you. Learn as much sales essentials as early as possible.

- During the last two years I have read 2-3 books about "body language". I never thought about this before. Believe me, any time you invest in reading about body language is going to pay off many times in your life. It's not any mambo-jumbo, most of the things you read on "body language" in a good book is so obvious, you just never think about it. You might have your intuition suggest you, but by reading body language books you'll read the clues rationally. Believe me, this is extremely useful in all face to face conversations. Body tells much more than words.

- This happened to be a year I read much more copywriting stuff than ever. I used a lot of these skills in this case. I had to communicate with them through letters more then face to face. It's basically like writing a sales letter. I spent a lot of time on research, to know their "triggers" and how I use them for my advantage. I sounded very determined and confident in those letters, more than I really was. That's all thanks to the stuff you can find in the copywriting books. I was always trying to be very specific in what I want, I showed my determation, introduced scarcity by giving deadlines to respond etc. etc. I always explained my reasons, why they should do certain things, like lower the a lot price in a signed contract etc. I've spent time to figure out the language they use.

The point is, I treated these "sales letters" special, because this was important for my family. That's why I was focused on this. Besides testing things online, this was the best school I had. And I'm happy to say the principles found in good copywriting books - did work and that it's mind blowing how some of these skills can help you in your life.

Essentials,essentials....In IM you could just be good in essentials, and pay other people to do everything else for you.
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    yeah.. I've just realized the power of copywriting not long ago and I'm still learning it. It's just one thing that just better done myself than to outsource it. Nice to see that it has improve your life.
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