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Hi Everyone,

i'd like to ask if any of you have any tips or guidelines i could go by to help me create my first information product.

Im looking for information which will help me assemble my first info product, so if any of you got given any great tips or ideas when you were in my position id be glad to hear them.

General DO's and DON'TS?

Thanks in advance.
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    Okay then.


    First of all, I would want to know if you have

    1) a domain name

    2) hosting

    3) auto responder.

    After that I would want to know if you have:

    1) A squeeze page

    2) a free gift of value and what format that is in

    3) an email list of subscribers

    After that I could help you with creating a product.
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    Find a need in your niche.

    What do people want to learn?

    Then construct an outline to organize what you're going to teach, and then choose a method of teaching.

    Make sure it is something you are experienced with or at least something that you have a lot of knowledge about.

    If you're not knowledgeable about the topic then you need to study it for at least 30 days or so that you will be able to create a course that will be very valuable to your customers and not some fluffed up, mediocre product.

    So for example, you could create an ebook, a video course, or an audio course that teaches whatever it is people want to learn.

    The key to making sure your product stands out is to deliver way more value in your product than the price point suggests. You have to make it obvious in your sales letter that the information in your product is worth much more than what you're selling it for and you should offer a money back guarantee to show them how confident you're in the product.
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    quite simple if you break it down
    1. find a niche
    2. find plr items for your niche, if you cant find them then just use the net for research.
    3. if you got plr products, rewrite them, if not learn about your niche and write a product
    4. sell
    5. profit

    The point with PLR items is that often you get sales pages/ squeeze pages too so you don't have to make those either.
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      I would find outsourcers on Odesk to do it, ask them for sample info products they have made in "X" niche, so you can see examples.

      Plenty of folks have experience!

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    I created my first product in a niche I was passionate about. I wrote out an ebook first, almost 200 pages long.

    I then added a few CORE videos to it and then packaged it up and launche it to a list that I was building for about a month prior.

    I focused on that 1 project almost exclusively for a month straight.

    If I was to go back in time, I would have come up with the CORE videos first, launched it, and then work on the ebook as an add on (free) to be released when finished.

    This would have got me to market faster than waiting until everything was done and completed.
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    Hi guys thanks for all the comments got some good tips from them, really helpful thanks!
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    1. Write down 10 FAQ's in your niche.

    2. Break those 10 questions down and answer them as best you can.

    3. After you've gone through and written down your answers you should now
    have enough information that can cover most peoples NEEDS or problems
    that your product can now solve for them.

    PEOPLE ARE LOOKING FOR answers to their needs/desires & solutions.

    Now you need to organize that information into a product and launch it.

    You can promote it to your list, launch it as a WSO etc.
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