Starting an article writing services in regards to sports. Can it be profitable?

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I have a strong passion for the world of sports I would like to know if it is a smart to setup a website where I offer my services for writing high quality content for sports related blogs. My area of expertise is the NFL. I already have a blog that is tailored around the football market. I welcome any advice please.
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    Your strong passion can lead to innovative ideas. There's nothing wrong with your idea. Research and study your chosen niche well. There's no harm in trying. You have more to gain in this venture. Who knows this could be the start of something big for you?

    Good luck and more power!
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  • Decently paying sports writing jobs are going to be few and far between on the internet, at least on a per article basis.

    You'd be better off either contacting publications/existing sites directly or expanding your potential niches.
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    Provide all writing services it will be best for you. like content writing, assignment writing, copy writing etc.
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      I think that in addition to offering your writing services, you should become your own best client! You know your way around sports and especially the NFL. So you can easily create a huge authority site and monetize it with CPA (and other) offers. You can also build lists and send your subscribers updates and offers.

      And finally, you can create your own info products and sell those on your website and on Kindle. And you should also become an Amazon Associate - so anyone who buys a book off your site or even just goes to Amazon through a link on your site and then buys stuff will bring you commissions.

      Ooh,and you could also sell t-shirts (teespring etc.).

      You'll probably soon find that you'll be making more money from your own venture than from writing for others...

      Good luck!

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    I've been posting on Sherdog since 2003.

    I remember way back then, nobody really knew what UFC was or MMA or anything, only the hardcore MMA nerdists.

    Anyway... I remember Bleacherreport used to promote the heck out of their posts in Sherdog haha.

    I mean, they literally promoted the heck out of their work in other popular forums, and as a result they're now massive.

    Case in point: If you work hard, I think there's feasibility in the sports market.

    Sports are a form of entertainment, which will always be popular in USA.

    PS: Maybe even try writing for Bleacherreport? They have a "Write for us" section, and over a massive variety of sports.

    Just my $.02 man... I wish you luck in your writing ventures.

    PS: Speaking of Sports Writers... Have you ever read any of Mitch Albom's stuff?

    If you've ever read "Tuesdays With Morrie"...

    Just follow Morrie's advice.

    Take care.
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    If you have a strong passion, it should be everything you need for a startup and for attracting genuine, well targeted traffic.
    I'd start a blog about sports, with a well highlighted menu where I would advertise my writing services as well.
    Think that you can use the website both to attract potential customers and to craft the most effective visit card - if you write well and you show it, you will be even more entitled to stick with higher pay rates. Not to mention that your own website will make you more trustworthy.
    As for the sports content you publish, I'm sure you'll find plenty of ways to make money out of it. It won't be as prosperous as other niches, but you'll find it much easier and rewarding to work on it.
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    As already mentioned, Bleacher Report is big. However, you won't make much money there because you're "just another writer". There won't be much differentiation. But if you can come up with compelling content, you might be scouted, so it could serve as a lead-generator.

    I would think about writing for free for some publications to simply link back to your own website, pitching your services and so forth. I like how you are choosing your own niche, but there is excess supply in that niche and so it will be tough to make serious money.

    Ultimately, clients will come back to you as long as you provide value and a clear return on their investment in you. You can turn this into a six-figure business or more, but it will take quite a lot of work and you will need to perfect your craft. Personally, I would consider offline publications and newsletters also, or even sports event management and promotion companies, as well as producing my own sports-related products, services, newsletters, etc.

    You should be in the business of sports marketing, not necessarily (or limited to) sports copywriting.
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    I would write content and there is a good chance that some magazines might pick it up and ask you if they can use it.

    I would also contact these magazines and share this content with them.
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    There's a lot of money to be made writing articles. Since you're passionate about your topic and have a lot of knowledge about it, you'll have a leg up on your competition.
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