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It's highly a saturated niche, and is very competitive. How to get abs.
Do you think there's lots of money to be made if it's done right? I have the funds to invest in a very visually appealing blog, and some ideas to make the blog unique, hopefully. Any input appreciated.

I'll also add that I'm new to affiliate marketing, only a little experience with making some ecommerce sites. With a niche like this, I presume you don't have to be 1st page thousands of uniques a day to make money?
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      Originally Posted by hpgoodboy View Post

      There is for sure some serious money in that niche.

      You do not have to be on any page at all. The way to go is to simply buy the traffic. Facebook works like gang busters for this.
      Thanks. You reply just gave me some light. I haven't thought about the buying traffic route. I was thinking of going for the weight loss niche. But after doing my research, I just cannot find any low competition keyword.

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    I personally go after the big markets, weight loss, biz opps, finical...

    the more money and competition the better, of course you gotta now how to market.. Which is more about understand people in general than anything.

    Put your offer in front of the right people in a way that's profitable for you and you'l win
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    Yes! It's an evergreen niche and despite competition, you can do very well. It's about looking at your competitors, seeing how you can fill a gap (or not), and looking at ways to be better than everyone else in your market to stand out and claim your share of a very HUGE market.

    A small piece of that pie is a large one.
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    Yes there is BIG money in it. The tech stuff is not that of a problem, but what it all matters is DO YOU have passion for this particular niche?

    If yes then you will enjoy working on it and you will sure make a lot of money in it.
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    When choosing a niche, it really doesn't matter what the competition is like... in fact, more competition simply equates to more potential. Less competition may equate to increased ease of entry, but the key with any niche is to have some kind of unique edge.

    If you're promoting other products, don't think the only way to make money is by buying traffic, solo ads, or gaming the search engines. All of these are either costly or time-consuming (or both) and usually hit-or-miss anyway. Think about article marketing, syndicating content to relevant online publications with link-backs, joint ventures and strategic alliances, forum marketing and blog commenting, etc. Solo ads can be very effective too, but you have to think smart.

    Also, if possible, try to sub-niche your niche down if that makes sense. 'How to Get Abs' might become 'How to Get Abs for Middle-Aged Guys'. If I was a middle-aged guy wanting to get abs, I would open my wallet for the second title 99 times out of 100 than for the first title, because it's so much more specific to my interests and my situation.

    Anyway, without writing a dissertation, these are my thoughts.
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