Is it okay to flip Fiverr gigs for profit??

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I am thinking of flipping Fiverr gigs for profit.
Will it work??
Where should I do it??
I mean should I do it on Fiverr Clones or create my own website for the same.
The problem I think, with Fiverr Clones are that they receive very less traffic and less number of orders.
Tell me plz what to do??

Any suggestions??
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    Could also use Lots of those gigs are from fiverr.
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    I'm not understanding, what is Fiverr flipping? Never heard of it.

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    What he mean is basically use the fiverr gig for $5 and sell it again higher in other sites to make a pure profit. It is know as broker.
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    This is basically arbitrage. When you get a job, the boss is essentially "flipping" your service at a profit (unless you're back-office). So with Fiverr, you have your suppliers there ready to work. Now all you need to do is identify buyers who are willing to pay more than $5 (plus the cost of whatever optional add-ons your suppliers offer).

    A simple but generally less profitable way to get started is by marketing the same services on competing freelance sites such as Elance. However, your profit margins will be small.

    A better way would be to start your own website and market the services under your own brand, for example a Fiverr gig selling logos now becomes (or whatever domain you choose).

    The most profitable, but also most difficult way, would be to go offline and sell to brick-and-mortar businesses. This will take grinding, but your profit margins can be through the roof.

    When reselling Fiverr gigs, you are really in the business of project management. Honestly, to scale this up, you will need to be able to manage multiple projects simultaneously. Therefore I would advise you to choose niches that are less creative and where clients are unlikely to come back for revisions (as this will cost you both time and money).
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    While this works for many people, it does not work too good for others.

    You will have to try this yourself to determine if this is for you or not.

    If it doesn't work too well, don't get discouraged. Keep trying other things and something will work for you really well.
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    Actually I use fiverr for my Ebook covers but I've never understood the economics behind it. I mean : The guy who is making my covers (TWO for 5$) is supposed to be in the US. Now I don't know how much the average US citizen makes, but this seems rather low end to me. The only thing I can think of, is that this guy is just taking orders and sending them through to Pakistan or India where $5 a day is a fortune. He's got 500+ positive reviews. So I think fiverr flipping is profitable.... (for some people)
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      I've never understood the economics behind it
      Just understand the risks and check the usage rights on any images/photos used in those projects.
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        Originally Posted by Kay King View Post

        Just understand the risks and check the usage rights on any images/photos used in those projects.
        Hmmm.. interesting remark. Never thought of that one. Now , for the moment I'm just an indie writer with a couple of sales a day so I don't think I have to worry too much about this. But..... Imagine that after publishing my next book my sales will go through the roof with 1000 copies day (we all can dream , don't we), and it appears that the guy who made my cover used a picture from beyoncé (or madonna, or lady gaga. Anyway I couldn't tell the difference). And a smart lawyer would made a case of this . (yes I know, "smart " and "lawyer" is a contradiction in-terminus, but JUST suppose)... Who would be liable. Me, the author? or the guy who made the cover??
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    Yes, there's even a Wso about this i believe (not mine) for fiverr arbitrage and craigslist.

    Sell in Craigslist -> Buy in Fiverr = Keep the difference.

    It's a simple arbitrage technique but it works for some people.
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  • I think its ok. Good luck.

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      Me, the author?
      Your book
      Your cover
      Your problem

      People have been burned by having logos-headers-covers, etc that contained an image or photo (or part of one) lifted from the web with no permissions granted and no rights paid for. There are companies (think Getty) who make a living demanding payment in cases like this.

      You could go after damages from the person you hired - but we're talking cheap outsourcing so you'd be lucky if he HAS pockets - let alone deep ones.
      Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world changes forever for that one dog
      I firmly believe that animals make people more human.
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    actually fiverr does not five anymore....they have all these additions..when you are will be $45.
    24 hours add $10
    hd format add $5
    get whole file add $20
    this will mess up fiverr...
    here is a great idea: someone to start a site like fiverr but strictly $ other bs.
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    SEO's have been known to do that. One of the hardest parts of Fiverr is sifting through to find which gigs are really of any value. You could group together a list of related quality gigs(such as SEO) and offer a package. The amount of time it takes to do that is worth something
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    i been broker for years but make sure you find a reliable seller. some are horrible and lazy and slow. be careful. Also of the seller i can't understand a lot of Indians use these micro sites.
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    If you have skills or talent or any strong points you have regarding the internet why not sell your skills on fiverr itself and make a profit from there.
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