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Are there any good domainers here? Been trying to sell a real good 2 word domain for over a yr. I've sold lesser ones before, but this is high end corporate niche. I have tried everything! Any advice besides online auctions (which have gotten me nothing including slashing the price to a ridiculous level), brokers have not been helpful. I don't want to put the name here obviously, but was just seeing if anyone has a different technique outside the box to move a good name.

I was going to post this in "ask anything"? but there seems to b no activity over there and I need help fellow warriors

Thank You
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    Try using the search function and searching on something like "sell domain name." There should be lots of threads can help you.

    My best advice is to Google the keyword phrase that best describes your domain name. The search results will bring back all the top sites that would be competitors for your domain.

    Start at the top result and work your way down as far as you have to go. Contact each owner and offer to sell your premium domain. If it's really good you may have some interest. The idea, of course, is that you're limiting your offer to those who are most targeted to want your domain.

    You will have to work hard and just persist in contacting these businesses. Most will have no interest.

    Of course, if your domain had a list attached, was getting consistent traffic, or especially if it was generating consistent income, these competitors would be much more interested in what you're offering.

    Everybody has "premium" domains, they think. In actuality, there are not that many great names for sale.

    Good luck to you,


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      Originally Posted by hpgoodboy View Post

      Well, without seeing the name it would not make sense to answer (I could write a book).

      If you post it here without a hot link it should not be a problem.
      Ok HP Thanks. It's BROKERJOBS.COM I own a training company for brokerage firms and we did recruiting also. I have contacted many in my industry. I also sent messages to companies bidding on the terms that are associated with the broker - recruiting industry, which is HIGHLY competitive.

      Steve, thank you. I have written the name here and it is most def a premium name. .com, 15 yrs old, 2 sharp generic enough words we believe.

      Frustrating part I guess is knowing firms and headhunters could use it and me not being able to convince them they can lol. Some people may not see Internet branding and market capture opportunities. I don;t want to put a price here but it was appraised low 5 figs and I am tossing it around under 1k. Getting parking visits and earnings with the sale page, but no offers. I appreciate the feedback so far!

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        Nick since you are already in the niche, I suggest you develop it. It will be worth a lot more money once developed. The problem with the name is it's too general. There are so many different kinds of 'brokers'. That can benefit you. You have more industries to sell advertising to...that might want to buy it OR you keep it and make monthly revenue.
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            Thanks guys. It was content based before, generated some leads and ads but never where I envisioned it but maybe because I didn't have enough help or we never put the right strategy into it. And the training company takes a lot of my time - plus I SEO contract as well. We bought and developed too many domains at once and thus, many of them suffered. I wanted to float selling this out there for people who could use it.

            Thanks DS for link

            Serry, yes it's general - Was thinking a staffing/recruiting company could use it as many are not tied to 1 industry. The selling idea all stemmed from, "I got a real good name, I did not get the most out of it but someone else can make more with it". Not sure if you guys ever had that situation or feeling. I just don't know what to do with it. I'm lacking the motivation to develop this all over again. Maybe go in with someone with it passively? I got a lot to weigh here. Thanks again for the replies and feedback,
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              I'd also add that as sophisticated in other ways the financial/broker industry is - they are pretty primitive regarding Internet thinking. I had one branch manager say to me "umm yeah, we have a website but I never go on it" They let the webmasters run it and barely pay attention to it. So, I'm dealing with that too.

              Meanwhile they advertise everyday how much they need brokers. They ALL recruit 24/7 since most firms pay very little salary, as it's mostly commission. So "the more the merrier" to them.
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    Domain Science, that sherpa site is REAL good. Thanks a lot! Trying DNX auctions on brokerjobs and a few others I have.
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