4-5K a month with premade niche website?

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Had a look on flippa awhile ago and came across a health site that sold for around $17000. The site claimed to make 4-5k pm and was an affiliate for two health products. The traffic for the site was paid traffic (PPC and PPV). I had a look at some pre made websites and found a few sites similar to the one sold on flippa and wondered if he really did make 4-5k with his site. He had personally sent the advertising spend ($800-$1000 pm) and conversions of the product.

Just wanted to know if pre made niche websites are worth using?
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    If you're not an expert of advertising, you need to find an expert first, then the two of you could buy the site together.
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    That's a LOT of money to spend on something, so unless you're confident that you can get the same amount of quality paid traffic in, I suggest starting on something smaller. You can find plenty of sites that doesn't make as much money, but also cost a lot less. Look for sites that also have a healthy amount of organic traffic to start off with and see how well you can operate it. You can then either keep the site, or flip it for some profit and use the money to find a new site to work on.

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      It's always a risk, even if they share with you the exact campaigns they use to generate this income from their paid traffic source.

      There's no way to tell the campaigns will keep performing the way they do. Just ask yourself, if they really make this much with paid traffic (a 300% ROI), why on earth would they sell the site?

      If you're not an expert in ppc i would suggest to stay out of it, or else hire an expert who will help you set up your campaigns ( a ppc management agency).
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    I wouldn't buy it myself.

    Unless that site is getting free search engine traffic and automatic sales each month, why would you want to buy it anyway.

    You can create your own website and also your own campaigns without buying the website from this person and their campaigns which they claim to be successful.

    Something is fishy here in my view.
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    Why would he sell a website that makes $4,000-$5,000 per month, for only $17,000? It doesn't seem right to me.
    The money is in the list and relationship building:
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      Originally Posted by Mssmb View Post

      Why would he sell a website that makes $4,000-$5,000 per month, for only $17,000? It doesn't seem right to me.
      Agreed. Let just assume he NETS 3K/mo.... That's 36k/year that the website is bringing in. Maybe the owner needed a larger amount of cash.

      Something like that, that works... the buyer got a hell of a deal. Double your investment within a year. Seems too good to be true and I can't imagine someone giving up that mini gold mine there but I've seen worse business decisions when it comes to selling sites.
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    Aren't all Websites "pre-made?"
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    Originally Posted by londonwarrior View Post

    Might work if you're an AdWords expert and how exactly how to get the best performing ads at the best price. Or if you know the exact place to advertise that converts well. If you're new, then you probably won't make any money. Why would someone sell a site for $800 if they could easily make that much every week with little effort?

    There is more to this that the website. The money is made in getting traffic for the right price and getting it to convert. Crap websites sometimes work and beautiful websites fail. It's not usually about the site.
    Where did you see that?

    Sweet dreams are made of this, who am I to disagree?

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    I'm always suspicious of sites like this being sold. From my perspective, if I was making that much money on a site I would use the site to keep making money rather than selling it for a one-off payment.
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    That depends on the niche, and if the site also has other social media assets that drive traffic to it. You can check with Google Analytics to see the performance of the site.
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    I tried once to sell website on Flippa to be honest i didn't earn let's say too much)
    For 4-5 website per month i could get about $700-$900 in medium every month.
    But it took pretty much time to create them so i'd think about it twice if you are not an expert in that.Good Luck to you!)
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    The ad spend every month was $800-1000
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