Are the search engines the main source of traffic for Craigslist & USFreeAds?

by Johnson Tay 4 replies
Or are both like eBay and Amazon that attract its own traffic... WITHOUT relying *entirely* on the search engines (mainly, Google) to index its pages.

Any idea?
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      I would have to say that most of
      Craigslist's traffic is type-in...

      They do have many listings in the SE's I'm
      sure but type-in traffic mostly, for sure!

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        Johnson good question and it would be great to know the answer as it would then make the decision to use such services easier.
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          I have no stats to back this up, but I would guess that at least 90% of Craigslist traffic is type in.

          People know what it is. I know a guy, he's in his late 70's, I had to teach him how to use email.

          I set up auctions on Ebay to help him sell his car. But he visits Craigslist everyday because he knows it's a good source for scrap metal or whatever the he's looking to buy cheap.

          Craigslist is a massive website with a massive user base. Sure, they get some traffic from Google, but I'd bet a good chunk of money that the majority of the traffic is local people buying and selling goods.

          Just my .02.


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