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Hi all, new to the forum and wondering what to do with the ad space I have in the top right sidebar of my website. So far I have an adsense one and an Amazon game link where I feature games that I play (and that relate to the theme of my novels).

Ive seen a big generic Amazon link on a popular website, and teh owner gets a protion of whatever people buy when going through it, no matter what the product. Does this work well?

What else would be useful to place there? Here's my website: http://iankanebooks.com

Thanks in advance,

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    I would suggest BuySellAds but to be honest, I don't think advertisers sell book related stuff so it wouldn't really fit in with your site.
    Adsense may work well, just find different ad spaces and find out which one gets the highest CTR. Amazon may work with book items for sale but considering the cost of a book is below $10 and affiliate commissions are 4%, you'll need to sell a REALLY high volume to make any sort of money.
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    Depending on what your objectives are with your site, but I would not personally place ads on my own, you see; if I work hard to get people to my site, then why should I place ads so they can leave my site, I want them to stay there.

    Since I do not know what your objective is, then I am not sure on what to advice you.

    What is your online business model ?

    What is your primary objective with your site ?

    Please describe more in detail what you mean by novels, are you a writer ..........confused

    I think you have to more clearer with what it is you want to do with that site, then I and others may be able to give you more feedback.

    Depending on how much traffic you get to your site, will determine how much money you will make with adsense or amazon, so are you getting enough traffic to your site to make money from these 2 you mentioned. You, see you need to test to see what which of the two is best for you, by TESTING ! If you do not have the traffic, then you will have to buy it and send traffic to your site, then TEST to find out which of the two will work for you more.

    Are you doing any SEO to your website to attract search engine traffic from google or anything else to rank organically ? Do you know what SEO is ?

    Please provide more info ...very unclear !!!!!!!!!
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      Well, it's a book website so its purpose is to sell books. I also share articles that I've written for people interested in survival/prepping, video games, film, etc. It's all pretty much on the site.

      The way that I have the adsense and game ads now, they are off to the side, and so not intrusive, such as having a banner right in-between paragraphs. Plus since I review games and my books have to do with virtual reality gaming I put a game ad which I play myself once per month, since I think that makes sense and fits the theme. Do you think the two I have on there now scare people off?

      I just came across Clickbank and might try that out, since it seems to be a popular one. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

      Yeah, thanks for your responses so far; I guess finding out the ads that work will be the thing to figure out. Getting tons of traffic is probably equally important, however.
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    Personally, I wouldn't want to send my customers to a third party site if you're trying to sell your own products. Especially for a few pennies in Adsense.

    If I did, I'd probably add a 'recommended list' (or similar) on books you've read or ones that are related to yours and add an affiliate link back to amazon, etc.

    You could also potentially set up a second 'review site' and give reviews of books and an affiliate link to amazon, etc.

    Really depends on your traffic method(s), what you want your visitors to do, and what your visitors want.
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    Thanks for the input Gambino, but I think promoting other authors (via links to their works) is what I want to stay away from. However, you just reminded me that Adsense seems not to be where it's at either. Does anyone make a lot of money from that unless they're some big company?

    Maybe I can post some video gaming affiliates on there, since that fits the theme of my book series...hmmmm. Now I'm thinking about small and mid-sized compainies, the big boys are probably over my head since I'm more or less a newer published author.

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    As far as obtrusive, what I tell you and what a testing tells you, are two different things, test it then you will know for sure and now what I think ...
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