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I'm a fiverr buyer and fiverr closed my account 1 month ago. I asked them to allow me to access my orders for 24 hours to save them and I saved some of the orders and then they disabled my account. yesterday while looking for some orders I realized that I didn't save all the orders that I needed to save and that there are some important orders that I forgot to save and I'm desperate because I need the information that is contained in the orders that I forgot to save.I sent them a support ticket 1 day ago and asked them to allow me to access my previous account for the last time for 24 hours and even offered to pay a fee but I haven't received a response from them yet and I'm desperate... what to do?
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    Unless there's a number to call, that's about all you can do....

    The other prayer of a chance is to try and track down the sellers you used. Contact them and ask them if they still have your orders. They should still have them on the backend if their account is still active.

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      Depends on why they closed your account. If there was anything underhanded or illegal they may never allow you to access this information. Usually they take around 3 days to get back to you from my past experience.
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    Yeah, unless there is a number you can call, it might be difficult. Try emailing them using the words "IMPORTANT". I'm sure the data will be stored, its just that you need to get them to reinstate the account.
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    Why you cancelled the account ?

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    If you know who the sellers were, create a new Fiverr account, do some sniffing around and contact the sellers directly. Ask them if they have your previous orders. Some people keep really good records.

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    They have their rules, you can only live by it.

    They don't just close an account without any valid reasons.

    Unfortunately, they are the only ones that can help you. I'm sure they will get back to you in due time.
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    Try contacting them on social media, they're pretty responsive on Twitter surprisingly, especially if you're persistent.
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