Something is DEFINITELY not right here...

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I posted before, and said I had 900 clicks to my affiliate link and 0 sales.

Now I am up to 1300 and 0 sales. I really need some professional help on figuring out what is wrong here.

I get my traffic from article marketing mainly, and Yahoo SM secondarily.

Here is an example of my article, click the link in the resource box and you can see how its set up.

Herbal Colonic Cleanse - Health Benefits

Its a commission junction product. And it appears to be a damned good one to me, something I'd buy if I had the money, also the EPC listed on Commission Junction is one of the highest of all programs.

1100 of the clicks are from articles. 200 are from Yahoo SM.

That is all the information I can think to provide on it...What the hell is going on?

This is the first time I have attempted affiliate marketing, on another program I made 80$ from about 500 clicks on this other affiliate program but then quickly moved on to this because the other one was very limiting.

I really don't want to give up. But I'll be forced to if I don't start seeing money in the next month. I can't go poor too much longer while seemingly wasting time on this...
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