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Hello all,

Basically, I want to engage a prospect in a different town. Since I cannot meet in person, my thought was to use something like Teamviewer or to commuincate my ideas to them.

Is there something better out there than these tools? I was thinking what would be nice is for the prospect to be able to type some kind of short http address in the URL box, enter a quick password and then see exactly what is on my desktop.

The last time I looked, the and Teamviewer options required both parties to download the software - which - is something that I don't want the prospect to have to do.

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    I seem to remember one of the VNC programs to have a built-in HTTP host, maybe that could be an alternative? Maybe it was UltraVNC... Not sure if you can disable mouse/keyboard on the viewer though, but might be worth looking into.

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    Google+ actually allows you to do this, and you can create a specific group just for it. Best of all, it's fast, free and efficient

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    Like NK said, Google+ is a good choice, but i think it is limited if i'm not mistaken !
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