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Hi All,

I have a domain that I have had a website in different shapes and forms on it for the past 5 years or so. At times it has made me some good money. I no longer want to pursue this project and am looking at offloading the domain ( website ). The issue I have is that the current incarnation of the site is a rebuild that I was going to pursue but have decided not to. The potential for the site is great but selling a site on potential ??. It is a great domain name The basic premise of the site has been a site with info about sports and affiliate products leveraged of that. ( Mainly using EPN ).

Any suggestions on the best method to sell this domain as is ( website ).

Thanks in advance
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    I would finish the site if it is not done, make some money with it for three months or so and sell it on flippa.
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    What sort of info is required re income to sell on flippa

    Peter Thompson
    Your home for building on the web

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    Basically site buyers want to know:

    A) How much money will I make > revenue and profit
    B) How much traffic will I get > verifiable unique visitors
    C) How much work will I have to do > development, maintenance etc

    The higher your numbers on A & B are the better shot you'll have with your site, however that will be reduced by C, i.e. how much work has to go in.

    If you have a site with solid revenue and traffic history, you're kinda killing it by giving to someone with work attached to it from the outset.

    I'd suggest finishing it, putting a little time into it so you can get some up to date revenue and traffic proof, then selling it. Otherwise you might be cutting yourself well short.
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