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Hi all

I'm not going to get in to the detail, but my life is rough and I need to find new ways to generate income.

I'm already pretty good with computers and can comfortably build my own websites etc, so I've been doing a lot of research about IM in general.

Two areas in particular have stood out as popular; CPA/CPL affiliate marketing, and domain flipping (maybe 'trading' is a better term).

Domain trading seems a lot more appealing to me personally, perhaps exploring affiliate marketing more in the future.

I've already spent a few days reading as much as I can about domain trading, but there are still a couple of thins that I'm not 100% sure about, I'd really appreciate it if someone could please give some advice on this.

1) I've been looking at a domain on NameJet. The auction closes in xx hours, but when I do a whois search on the domain it says that it isn't due to expire until April 2015. Can someone please explain exactly how this works? If I won the auction, do I gain ownership now? Or would I only get ownership once the domain expires in April 2015?

2) How do trademarks work with domains? I already know a bit about IP and trademarks in particular, but my knowledge in relation to domains is lacking.

More specifically, for example, let's assume that I bid and won the domain which currently a blank URL. Would I then be able to approach Chanel ltd and offer it to them?

It seems buying a domain with a trademarked name would be a no no, but if this is the case how come I just bought it off some other guy who's been holding onto it for the last 4 years and done nothing with it?

I guess another part of this question surrounds actual trading. ie, if I had but didn't actively use it to trade, is there still a IP issue?

Thanks to everyone who can give some advice on these matters, or even if you could point me to some resources which can explain this that would be fine too.


/edit In my example above (, it is currently listed as a 'prerelease' - just added this, in case it changes any potential answer to my questions.
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    You would probably set yourself up for trouble buying a domain name that closely resembles a big company based on what I have read. It is probably a fine line and not worth messing with.

    Maybe the one that expires in April 2015 the person just registered in for several years and now wants to sell. I would guess if you won the auction that includes thru the expire date but I am not for sure.
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      1) The domain name would be transferred to you after the sale likely with the same expiration date, you would have to renew it wherever you accept the transfer ie; namecheap, godaddy etc...

      2) I wouldnt buy domain names with trademarked terms, setting yourself up for problems
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        If you try selling a TM or typo domain it will be seen as bad faith. You will get a C&D or UDRP.
        I have 15+ years of experience & millions of visitors (I'm also a warrior since 2002)! explains how I can help.
        I'm looking for a limited number of serious partners.
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    First of all, i wouldn't mess with trademark domain names, this will end up bad almost certainly.

    Secondly, to get in the domain trading business you have to have a solid understanding what makes a domain name valuable, so i suggest you first do extensive research before you go out and buy domains which are basically worthless.

    Thirdly, in this business you also need some luck. If you get lucky to snatch up a domain and are able to present it to a potential buyer who sees the value and is willing to pay the dollars, you can do really well, but just understand that the odds are stacked against you in this business. If you don't have an issue with this and you are willing to do research then go ahead and i wish you all the best!
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