good amazon affiliate converion rate?

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hey all

looking again at my "hobby" site coolkaboodle (link below)

im currently on 7.1% conversion rate with amazon. is this good/bad/average?!

i have just changed the functionality of the site, so images from the homepage now click directly to the affiliate and just have the title click thru to my internal page (before they went to the products internal page on my site) - hopefully this will increase my CTR to the affiliate sites and increase sales!
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    7.1% is actually very good. I did go up to 7.5% conversion rate for one product but I rarely achieved that for other products. Keep up the good work! If you continue to build other affiliate sites and achieve that high conversion rate, you'll make good income! : )
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    Yes this is a respectable conversion rate in my opinion, Holiday Seasons you should get even higher rates and this is when you earn the big money on Amazon
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      Yes this is a pretty good conversion rate all in all. While Physical products tend to convert more than digital you are doing well on anything over 5-6%


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    I can't see the link,is it because I am on an iPad?
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