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Hi Warriors

I won 50,000 visitors from Traffic Giant on eBay. They told me I would get 50,000 visitors in 30 days. Great! But this is what is going on for the last 15 days. Traffic Giant has provided a stat counter that says they have given me 27,000 visitors. I have one stat counter that says I received 7 visitors. I have another star counter that has recorded 187 in the last 30 days. Traffic Giant told me that with multiple counters there would be a conflict. Is this true? Nothing has changed. They offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Have I been duped?

Has anybody had any luck with or any information on Traffic Giant.

I need traffic to my web site, but can't fine the handle. I have a low budget.

Thanks for your help
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    Check your cpanel stats...they should be the most accurate.

    You can load the web server's log file into any one of a bunch of free programs (just Google it) to get pretty much spot on numbers. (I think)

    Every day I check the obituaries. If I don't see my name there, then I know it's going to be a good day!
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