My Top 7 Secrets to Getting Good Help at the WF

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"Help me to help you!" [ I think that line came from the movie "Jerry Maguire" - I'm not sure ]

After nearly ten years of frequenting the Warrior Forum, I've noticed that I am much more anxious to reply to some threads than others even when I feel I could offer genuine help to those to whom I choose not to respond. I believe others who come here mainly to give a hand may have similar feelings about being more willing to help some than others.

So here are me ideas about how you can "help me to help you." I hope you seasoned Warriors will add to the list if you care to.

1. Make your thread title the topic of your question or comment. Rather than say "I need help" or "I'm stuck" or "Can't find the answer" it would help everyone if you succinctly put a short keyword phrase in the thread title so at a glance everyone can tell what the thread is all about. I'm guessing this practice will also help others down the road as they do a search for threads on your same topic.

2. Try to find an answer to your question, problem, or dilemma on your own - at least at first. When you see a reply to your post urging that "Google is your friend" or "let me Google that for you," chances are pretty good you're being "hinted" that the answer is readily available if you will do a quick and easy online search. Ditto for using the WF search function located in the top horizontal navigation bar. If you've given a reasonable effort and still can't find your answer, by all means ask what you need to here. There are valuable lessons learned when you struggle a little bit to find your own solutions. When answers are handed out on a silver platter often you don't value the answer or learn anything in the process.

3. Don't expect us to do your homework or due diligence for you. The forum responses of people trying to help you are no substitute for preparing your own business plan, doing your own niche research, and especially testing various designs, tactics, or methods that you're contemplating.

4. Give me this and give me that. Some folks come here with a hand stretched out expecting to receive a free dump or offload of a seasoned Warrior's best solutions and strategies just for the asking. We are here to help you but not to bare our marketing souls to you because you demand assistance or claim "the right" to our personal store of knowledge. "Give me your top ten sources for solo ad drops" is an example of the kind of thread that I always avoid responding to.

5. Don't expect me to tell you everything I know. Please be respectful of others' time and expertise. There really are a lot of very good business minds here at the forum and they are typically busy people working their own business. If you get a short, partial, or snippet of an answer, don't assume the giver is cheating you or withholding information. Experienced Warriors really do care and come here to share their knowledge with you. They don't just hang out at the WF because they have nothing else to do.

6. Seek professional and legal assistance for important individual guidance. As helpful as Warriors tend to be, a public forum is no place for specific legal advice, tax advice, accounting advice, or opinions on how to handle specific cases involving topics that should be handled by certified professionals in their field.

7. Contact the specific manufacturer, creator, or service provider if you have questions, concerns, complaints or issues with products and services. Again, as helpful as Warriors tend to be, in my opinion, the forum really shouldn't take the place of customer service or the user manual of the thing you can't figure out.

I don't want this thread to come off as my rant about clueless newbies or lazy Warriors. I just think this forum can be more effective as a marketing knowledge base and medium for exchange if certain types of threads were more carefully thought through prior to posting.

Please add to the list. Your opinions matter. I welcome contrarian views and recognize I don't speak for anyone but myself.

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    Excellent points! I'dd add: giving thanks to and responding to answers :-) By opening up the conversation you can make it a two-way learning process where you learn more and the person answering learns as well.
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      Originally Posted by FingerPicker View Post

      Excellent points! I'dd add: giving thanks to and responding to answers :-) By opening up the conversation you can make it a two-way learning process where you learn more and the person answering learns as well.
      This is my hot button as well. If you ask a question and get an answer that someone has obviously put some time and effort into then the least you can do is say thanks - it's only good manners and costs nothing. Theer's even a button you can press which says "thanks". It's not difficult, and only takes a second of your valuable time!

      I'm amazed at the number of people on this forum who have hundreds of posts and dozens of people who have thanked them, but they have never bothered in all that time to thank ANYONE else! Just read their stats....

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      Thanked 126 Times in 198 Posts

      What? In all those posts and replies they've never been given cause to actually press the button, and thank someone for a making a contribution to the thread, or making a good point? I simply don't believe it!

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        Steve, I don't know what you've been taking lately, but keep it up...

        I would add:

        8. No one can tell you what you might or should make from any particular set of actions.

        I can't, nor can any other Warrior, tell you how big a list you need, what you should earn from a promotion, how many times or how often to email, etc. The only way to find out for sure is to do something and measure it.
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    Great advice and not much to add.

    The only other thing I would say is sometimes there isn't an answer to be founds as the more you look the more you find differences in opinion and it then confuses you more.

    This is when forums become a hinderance to you, so take yourself away and think things over and use your own common sense.

    You should also not be shy to pay for help from people inside or outside the forum as they will likely help you succeed much more quickly this way, without too many influencers and probably simplifying what you are putting together.
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    Be prepared to separate the meat from the bones. You'll get critics, personal opinions, outdated information, enablers and more ... along with the solid gold advice.

    The better and faster you can tell the difference the more you'll benefit.
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    It really all boils down to this: DITCH THE ENTITLEMENT MENTALITY. Be open to what you get and move on. Too many threads here involve the OP getting into an argument because he didn't get the answer he EXPECTED. Dude, the community's doing YOU the favor, not the other way around.
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