Need help for a Charity Event?

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I am thinking of ways for marketing on-line for a local charity event at an university. Target is local community and areas. Already posters are in place and leaflets are getting distributed. If you any other idea or can provide help then feel free to write on the thread with ideas.

The sign up for the event is via eventbrite page.

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    Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

    Press Releases: both off line and on-line. Community newspapers, regional newspapers come to mind. There are also a number of press release websites, both paid and free

    Videos: you can easily make several slide show videos, do interviews with some of the presenters. Contact television stations, radio stations. In the US there are many community bulletin boards you can post non-profits for.

    Blogs and Websites: Do a search, both local and National for Diabetes websites, blogs and others who will help you to get the word out...
    Ask them to help promote your event. Ask them to post your press release...

    Best of luck! Let us know how you make out...
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    This may seem like an obvious one, but if you have a Facebook event page you could invite people on your friends list and even recruit other people who are involved to promote it to their friends etc?

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