Solo Ad gig from fiverr, is it real?

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do you think it's worth it to purchase a solo ad gig from fiverr?
for those who have done so, please share your experience.
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    It's a waste of $25.

    $5 for the gig and at least $20 for your time.

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      I am a solo ad provider myself and I can tell you from experience, don't do it!

      When I first got into solo ads I bought from everywhere gauging traffic quality and anything I ever bought from fiverr was complete garbage traffic. The best solo ad sellers are in the Facebook groups. Do a search on Facebook for solo ad groups and you'll find a bunch, you will have much better quality traffic getting solos in there.
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    It won't work. Just imagine that even if the list was real, how often they must get contacted and bombarded since the price is only $5. When I look at a solo ad gig with over a 100 orders and the gig is only a month old, I wonder how many users even read the emails they get.
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    Absolutely not. You might as well buy a bulk email list.
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    if the quality of these gigs is so good, there will be no business for the solo ads seller in this forum. same as the seo service.
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    I spend a lot of time on Fiverr as both a buyer and seller. That is definitely a get what you pay for.

    I teach people how to surf waves, not the internet.

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    Buying solo ads for $4 ($1 is deducted by fiverr from the seller) will never work.
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    completely waste of money and time.
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      Never bought one
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        I think just reading the reviews of the negative ratings should be enough. Most report clicks but ZERO subscribers. That's as big a red flag as it gets really. I don't even need to see where the traffic is coming from in that case.

        Some other gigs promise to mail out to the list without any guarantee of clicks.

        So it wouldn't matter if the email was sent to 100,000 subscribers. If they're dead direct to the spam folder broadcasts what use is that?

        But generally speaking guaranteeing clicks = fake bot traffic OR promise of mailing out to a certain number of subscribers = zero clicks.

        Either way you lose.
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      I agree with the rest - solo ads from Fiverr are a total waste of time and money. If it was that easy and cheap, everyone would be doing it. My advice - stay away.
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    I agree with others. Do not go that route. Do your research on each solo ad vendor and look for real testimonials with people you can contact. Facebook is a great place to find some great solo ad vendors but they also have some bad ones. Always test each new vendor with a small purchase with your offer before trying to buy a lot of clicks. You get what you pay for in most cases, so if you see a solo ad vendor selling clicks for an extremely low rate, then you can assume it's garbage. I generally pay .40-.50 per click from the people I purchase from and remain profitable. Hope this helps.

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    Solo ads on Fiverr are all garbage. You'll get 30 "rest of the world" subscribers who will never open your emails - and it's the best case scenario.
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  • Let me ask you this way, could you sell solo ads yourself (asuming you had a list) for $4?? Of course not it's impossible. What I think they do is use adfly or something like that for $1 sell for $4 and keep $3 profit.

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    The mails are generally sent to safe-lists, you get what you pay for

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    you just waisted your money big time, but we all learn the hard way it seems.

    So many warriors in here are happy to warn you, so it does not happen again.
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    Solo ads is all about quality... unfortunately you will not find that on Fiverr.

    Think about it a Solo ad of 100 clicks usually cost $35 to $80 why would someone sell it for $5 to $25?

    it all makes sense, cheap is usually low quality and that goes for solo ads on Fiverr as well.
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    I got bad experience with solo ads from fiverr and recommend you to buy from a good quality solo ad broker.
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