Feedburner - This feed does not validate.

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I have no idea why my feed burner just stopped working. It's not updating I used feed validator and getting this message...


This feed does not validate.

line 14, column 562: channel contains more than one feedburner:emailServiceId (3 occurrences) [help]

... er:info uri="improvehealthandfitness" /><feedburner:emailServiceId>impro ...
line 14, column 640: channel contains more than one feedburner:feedburnerHostname (3 occurrences) [help]

... thandfitness</feedburner:emailServiceId><feedburner:feedburnerHo stname>h ...
line 29, column 121: item contains more than one feedburnerrigLink (90 occurrences) [help]

... ely-naturally-fast</feedburnerrigLink><feedburnerrigLink>http://feed ...

What would be causing this issue? I researched and did what people said and still not updating.
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