Recommendations For A Designer For "Authority Site" or "Supersite"...

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I was wondering if anyone can refer to me a good, reputable web designer who can design for me an "authority site" or "supersite". If they can provide articles, that'd be better (but I can provide them myself if need be).

The last freelancer I had took my money and ran (either that or he fell off the face of the earth), which is why I'm trying to be a little more careful.

So, if anyone here knows of a designer who has done good work for them (and who can design authority sites/supersites) and wants to refer them to me, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks !

*** Incidentally, I notice alot of the freelancers here on WF don't list phone numbers (and alot of them don't have their own websites), which is not necessarily bad... I've had good quality work done by freelancers that listed neither a phone number or a website.
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