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Hi Guys,

We have been for a while withdrawing our PayPal funds in to a US bank account associated with our Payoneer card. i.e. the funds would be sent from PayPal to the US bank account and then credited to our Payoneer card. This has been working great for the past few months but then we get a message from PayPal saying this:

We're sorry - we could not transfer your available balance to your preferred card or bank account. Please correct this problem by 5/27/2014 to make sure you can continue to receive and withdraw payments. Add a different Visa card or bank account in the U.S.

We have emailed PayPal but are still waiting for a response. Is this effecting anyone else who was doing the same as us? or perhaps this is individual to us?

Thanks in advance.
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    can this message not be only for this acct? maybe paypal disabled it for some reason only for this user.
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      Thanks for the reply, possibly yes. I am still waiting for a reply from PayPal. Perhaps it's happened to others before and someone can shed some light on it?
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    I advice you to give paypal a call because they sometimes reply late to emails. And when you talk directly with the support they'll correct your problem and tell you why they did this.
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    I doubt Paypal support will give you any valid reasons for this. They'll most probably say it was done by the security team and that they cannot declare the actual reason.

    With Paypal, always keep multiple card/bank account options open. I've learnt this hard lesson in my country. You can use to create a virtual credit card to upload funds and then transfer it to the bank. Beware of losing a lot of fees though.

    Anyway, keep us posted on the progress.
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    In the whole world there is a money laundering law. Some times Paypal send mail to your bank account, due to the money laundering rules & regulations. If they do not get reply, then they thought you are in another country. so they send this kinds of mail. In this case Paypal has the right to banned your ID. even if you have balance, the Balance will be seize/ forfeiture.
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      I too strongly advise you to get on the phone to a PayPal representative. Only PayPal people can explain it properly for you.

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    Have you tried contacting Payoneer to know if the program has been discontinued?

    I think they are in a good position too to help take a look at your case. If PayPal wants you to use a different account or whatever Payoneer should be able to provide you with that.
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    sometimes payoneer gets blocked off by paypal (every now and then) - this is due to two main reasons.
    1. they are competitors
    2. regulation in the USA - fraudulent activity
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