Does this idea have any merit? I'm looking for flaws.

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So, I had this neat idea the other day.

It's possible that something very similar exists, or that I am missing some fundamental flaw here.


I had this idea for a mobile app.

I call the concept Micro Sharing. Similar to Micro Blogging, but for sharing links to online content only.

I picture it as being an app that once a link to a piece of content is posted to it,(articles, pictures, blog posts, face book posts, bandcamp, etc. anything with a link) it is tagged with whatever subject matter it pertains to, and becomes sharable to other users of the app with the swipe of a finger - or to all friends on the app.

For instance, if you and all your friends have the app, and I read an article online that I want to share, I can paste the link into the app. The link now takes the form of a "bubble" that I can "flick" into the bubbles of my friends. It then alerts them that they have received a piece of content from me. When they "pop" the bubble, it takes them to the content.

Over time, your collection of links added to the app would grow, and as you met new friends, you could simply "flic" them the article or content.

Once a piece of content has been added to the app, it can be "flicked" endless times to other uses while collecting notes.

The app would sort content based on tags, number of notes, or views.

You cannot add your own text, only links to content hosted elsewhere on the web.

I imagine the app could be called FlicShare - the simplest way to share any online content on a mobile device. Over time time amount of content on Flicshare would increase, and would eventually be the go-to to find content related to your interest and share with friends.

You could search content by tags, most flicked, liked by my friends, ect.

Does this already exist and I'm too caught up in the concept to notice?

Just a seedling of an idea.
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    I think it has merit. But ask yourself how you prevent it from becoming a wet dream for spammers.
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      Originally Posted by travlinguy View Post

      I think it has merit. But ask yourself how you prevent it from becoming a wet dream for spammers.
      I agree. I think your seedling of an idea has some validity, but you maybe want to think it through a little more.

      If people are leaving links but not content, you're going to get links to every junk site on the web.

      I understand what it is you're trying to accomplish, just think it through. How can I carry this out without inviting massive potential spam?

      Good luck.
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