Conformity, a very bad thing.

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I am here to talk about conformity and why most Internet Marketers accept and why 98 percent of them make no money on the net.

Conformity is the art of moving with the pack because it is comfortable to see that. Also Comformity is saying well I bought this guy's program and I will make a fortune he does.

Do you really think someone is going to sell you something they are making good money at and tell you all the secrets.

I also call conformiters Parrots. You will see it here. Someone will parrot someone else because it has been said so much.

let me give you an example. I have been a long time supporter of self hosted ar's. While everyone said you won't get through you have to have aweber you have getresponse.

Hey guess what, with GR and Aweber going down so much these last weeks everyone is mailing me, man can you help me set this up lol. The same people that said it can't be done.

Don't conform people, step out, try it yourself. I have been banned from so many things because I don't let boundaries stop me. I have made myself a fulltime income on the net and continue to do so.

I did this by not conforming and stepping out.

Remember I am always a pm away and will always help.
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    Awesome Post Man... PM Sent.
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      I like the name can I have it.
      Originally Posted by moneycoach View Post

      Awesome Post Man... PM Sent.
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        the key to success is not listening to the criticism.
        Well done Maybe other people will be inspired to follow your example.
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          I agree Nick, good post.

          One reason i personally believe people make no money is because this business is not taken seriously. Too many people runnin in circles and get nothing done. You mention "comfortable", well, too many people out there afraid of stepping out of their "comfort zone".

          To do that, we need to be able to "shift" our visions and be open to change. But change scares people.

          Be different.
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          Anna...I disagree...The key to success is listening to everyone and deciding what works for you. Even the worst marketer has something worthwhile to say....once in a while.
          IF you only listening to yourself, you are never going to learn from those that come before you. The REAL challenge is learning whom to listen to.
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  • Freedom lovers hate conformity but they are ridiculed.
    soon people... Relax...
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    Your getting to deep people the purpose of the thread is not to listen to people when they tell you not to do it. If you think it will work then try it. Only can find out. I have seen things never work for me but always work for my friends.
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      Great advice and nice post. I think it's why testing is so important. Experiment, try stuff, track the results. If it works, ramp it up. If it doesn't learn from the test and move on.

      Thanks for a wonderful post.


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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        Good advice but there's no need to not conform just for the sake of it too. If the desire to try out something different comes naturally, then it's worth pursuing that course.
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