Multiple Free Report opt-ins, how to setup email follow-up?

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Hey guys,

So on my site I've got more than one opt-in area.
I've got different free reports/ebooks for people to grab.

I have a main email list (giving Gift#1 away, then my follow-up starts).

For Gift#2 which has a separate opt-in, how do I go about setting this up?

1. Should I create a complete new list/follow-up series? This seems crazy and confusing in the long run since there will be basically 2 identical follow-up series.

2. Should I have just one opt-in list, giving away both Gift#1 and Gift#2 when someone signs up for either?
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    What mail service are you using?

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      Depending on the service you're using you should be able to have everyone join the same list, but "tag" the subscribers differently depending on which optin form they joined from. You'd then segment the main list based on how they've been "tagged". From there you can send a sequence or individual broadcasts accordingly.

      Ask your email provider how to set it up. They'll be able to give you the step by steps based on the terminology they use for segmenting lists.

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      I'm using Aweber
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    I think that you should use one list for everyone who wants to subscribe to your newsletter.

    In my view, it is way too distracting.

    You can have different forms on your website though for that same list.
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