Accused Facebook Spammer Could Face Jail Time

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Good riddance.

Hopefully there will be more of these in regards to Craigslist.

Accused Facebook Spammer Could Face Jail Time - PC World
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    craigslist was going after websites that teaches black hat methods and posting bots.
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    Sanford, you dumbass. When are you going to get over the bug?

    In somewhat related news, Alan Ralsky plead guilty today, and is looking at prison time for sure. Not as much as I think he deserves, but at least some. This guy should never be allowed to talk about computers again, much less operate one.

    Stop by Paul's Pub - my little hangout on Facebook.

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      Hi Paul,

      From Wikipedia RE Ralsky -

      link to source

      He gained much of his notoriety following a December 2002 interview with The Detroit News. The article was soon posted to Slashdot and the address of his newly built home was posted to Slashdot not long after that. Hundreds of Slashdot readers then searched the Internet for advertising mailing lists and free catalogs and signed him up for them. As a result, he was flooded with junk mail.

      In a Detroit Free Press article on December 6, 2002, he is quoted as saying "They've signed me up for every advertising campaign and mailing list there is ... These people are out of their minds. They're harassing me"

      Live by the spam, die by the spam. Bloody vikings ;-)

      Roger Davis

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