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Hi warriors,

I have been involved with email marketing for a long time but I don't see myself as an expert yet and I am always seeking advice and opinions of other email marketers.

I was wondering how you maintain your lists (or do you).

For example, I check my lists every once in a while (once 3-4 months) and delete the inactive subscribers. Subscribers who did not open my last 10 or so emails. I have a good open rate and I don't send very frequently so 10 emails corresponds to a long period of time for my list. For whatever reason they are not opening my emails (they died, they don't use the email address anymore, they are not interested in my emails etc.) my personal opinion is that if someone did not open 10 or so consecutive emails, there is a very small chance they will open my future emails.

Would you consider deleting inactive subscribers a bad idea? How do you maintain your list if you do?
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    Don´t delete them straight away!

    Send them a message with a subject lin along the lines:

    Last Chance - Final Note Of Disconnect

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      Originally Posted by Max Anderson View Post

      Don´t delete them straight away!

      Send them a message with a subject lin along the lines:

      Last Chance - Final Note Of Disconnect
      Thanks Max, I honestly don't know why I didn't think of this. I will send them a notice before deleting from now on.
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    It's always a good idea to try and re-engage them them before deleting.

    And remember if they are opening on mobile devices or through certain email clients it doesn't always register with your autoresponder company as an open anyway.

    So you should always try and get them to click something in the email to show they are still active.
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    Don't delete any subscribers. You just never know when one of your emails is going to get them interested to open it and hopefully buy from you.

    Also, the KEY to making money with your list is to get new and fresh subscribers every single day.
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    Best way in maintaining a list is regularly add new leads into your own list. And maintain relationship with your customers / clients in your list by regularly sending messages to your list.
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    Send them an email with an interesting subject line, preferably a question, and see if that gets them to open it.
    Buy the perfect domain name for your website.

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    Thanks for all the advice. I do agree with many of your points and I will be applying them.

    But I also know that some subscribers will never open my emails again for a number of reasons not caused by my titles or email content or my marketing. Sometimes, subscribers sign up with a temporary email that they never check again, sometimes an email account just gets inactive, sometimes people die, sometimes people do not care about emails anymore, etc. I am definitely trying to add new subscribers and improving my relation with them but my reason for deletion/maintenance is for the above mentioned possibilities. An inactive subscriber that did not show any activity in the past 12 months is very unlikely to show any activity in the future and I don't want inactive subscribers on my list. Thanks all again.
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    With some of your problems mentioned above double opt-in might help.
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