Bizzare articles on sales pages... Why?

by Sean Bissell 2 replies
I'm noticing a trend to have a bunch of crazy and unrelated articles hosted on your sales page with a little link to them at the bottom of the sales page right around the "terms" "disclaimers" "contact us" etc.

For example go to <-- unlinkified

And scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Then click on "Curiosities"

There's subjects with links like: "Buy Wedding"

And "Cooking"

And "Online Video Search"

And "Facial Beauty"

Then try clicking on them...

Weeeird stuff

Why is this helpful?

Anyone know?

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    The original sales letter and the "curiosities" page both have a Google Page Rank of 4.

    My best guess is that the owner of the website is using these links to get pages indexed and ranked higher in the search engines.

    It certainly won't be helping his sales but then the link is pretty tiny and right at the bottom of the page.

    Kindest regards,
    Andrew Cavanagh
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      I think Andrew's right. It says Clifford Mee at the top - the Clifford I know was in Australia I thought? Perhaps he's moved or got a virtual office there but it's quite an unusual name - I doubt there are too many Clifford Mee's around.

      If you follow the links from the articles I would presume those pages are some of his money sites and like Andrew says he's giving them some PR4 juice. Roughly four PR4 links will give a page a PR3 of it's own.

      The downside is that it allows people like me/us to get a good look at your network of sites.

      Roger Davis

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