How can I advertise with Craigslist?

by imoore
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Hey fellow Warriors! I was surfing the web when it came to me that I want to try to advertise though Craigslist! The only issue is I dont really know how. If anyone has an idea please let me know!
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    I posted a message and got a link but I had to pay a few $. I did get the odd visitor but not many. Ame with Gumtree. Paid listing and a few visitors.
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    There's a million variables really.

    The terms of service is awfully strict these days, so if you're promoting affiliate stuff, it will be difficult to get LOTS of traffic WITHOUT breaking the rules.

    And my advice is to NEVER break the rules.

    That being said, if you have a legit service to offer, you can always promote in the "Sm Biz Ads" section of Craigslist.

    They allow you to plug just about ANY service or business you have for free - as long as it doesn't violate their terms of service policy.

    "Get Rich Quick" schemes are AGAINST their terms of use policy, so this basically rules out a fair majority of "Internet marketing" and "biz op" offers, as the discretion could potentially err on the side of people who may flag your post as spam. (If posters see you posting affiliate links, and a Craigslist mod sees it, they'll throw a flag faster than a sinking ship).

    (Not saying that you're promoting IM related offers, but a lot of people do, and wonder why their accounts get ghosted).

    Sorry for the long disorganized rant. But there's some good data there.


    Stay cool
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    If you can try a local post than there is no issue happened , you can just need phone verified account in some cities ,If you plan on expanding into cities outside your area, Than you need proxies and PVA associated areas.


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    If you want to sell stuff in the same city, Craigslist is good to be considered. Because the Craigslist is about local.
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    If you are doing offline marketing for local business I have found Craigslist to be the king for lead gen and picking up new clients tp work with .

    But other then that I wouldn't use it for any kind of cpa stuff! The leads are terrible and most of the networks do not what them from Craigslist

    So it depends on what you are promoting.

    Best of luck...
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    There is some great advice is the earlier posts. The key to success with Craigslist is to sell something which is local. Craigslist is very local for most of the things and the audience is the same.
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    Just type "how to post ads on Craigslist" on Youtube. You'll find many video Tutorials. But please be aware, when you post ads on Craigslist, some of your ads will be flagged, deleted... this is just the way Craigslist works, there is nothing you can do. Don't give up, keep posting everyday, you'll see some results.
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  • Craigslist is a simple classified site with ton of visitors every day.. You can signup, verify on your phone number(Number should be of the same city you are posting ads in). Then select the right category and post ads.. If you need any other me and i will go through you with the process..

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    You could track down a Craigslist software vendor (google search), and find reviews on the product/vendor here on the WF, then take it from there. Sorry, but after many years online, I have a slight aversion to spending hours upon hours doing anything that is mundane and does not have a guarantee. But, if time is your friend then you can learn to use the software yourself. Key take-away though is to always get independent review (not the ones that pop up first in a Google search).

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