Been away for a while - I missed this place

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I've been away for a while and truly missed coming here. I had to let go of my warriorforum addiction to achieve my goals and I'm glad I was able to get it done.

Over the past year, I've earned a lot of cash with some of the things I learned here. The "war room" is absolutely priceless. That's where I spent most of my time here.

Product creation is vital in my opinion. Create something of value that you have control over.

I just want to thank the warriorforum for my blessings. I was down and out at one point. I was nearly homeless and I can recall hustling to use the computer at the local library when I didn't have internet access. I'd often break into tears just looking at my kids and knowing I couldn't give them the things they needed...those were indeed tough times.

If I can be successful, anybody can.
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