Pissed OFF with Vendor (NO COMMISSION)

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I signed up with a particular skin care seller as an afilliate. I made a little money, but it is noting to brag about.

For some strange reason, the vendor said they mailed out the check, but I never get anything in almost 2 months .

This is not the first time. In fact, this is the third incident!

I am so angry. I spent hours posting articles to promote their products. Does this happen to anyone before?
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    Hasn´t happend to me. Try to get the vendor on the phone and explain your situation.
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    Unfortunately this will happen to most affiliates that do this over time. It's best to just let it go if it's not a lot of money, you can always pursue it but be ready to not get anything back. Unfortunately theres lots of shady characters in this business and they pull off crap like this all the time. Just like ones that swipe out affiliate links for their own.

    Good luck with whatever you do.
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    I don't understand. Usually if you don't get a check, don't you just contact them and ask them to send a new check? That is generally how business works when dealing with checks.
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    Have them reissue you a check since you didn't get it yet
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  • Most businesses automate this process and it sucks with address changes, multiple addreses, billing/mailing address combos etc. $@#$%! happens all the time, you have to watch and match checks and stay on top. Good luck.

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    One reason creating your own products is much safer even if its means more work and risk to get started.
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