Anyone using SSL to boost conversions?

by Andy Money 4 replies
I have heard using a verified SSL certificate from places like Godaddy or Comodo can help conversions a lot. Is anyone here doing this? Seems like a good idea that is worth the investment. I'm looking into it at the moment and I was curious what experiences people have had. Thanks!
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    I have a Godaddy SSL on my ecommerce site and thought everything was hunky dory until a customer called and said he got a warning when he clicked on my site.

    I call GD and they said everything was in order with both my site and SSL so it was most likely a 'browser security setting' on my customers computer that triggered the false alarm.

    But that leaves a huge question as to how many times that has happened, and how much traffic I have lost because of such occurances.

    Just some food for thought...

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