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I am trying to do thingd the correct way. I have read the forum directions concerning this, but it is still not clear. I am wanting to develope a signatuire that can attract people to something everyone needs in online marketing and that's free leads. Actually what I want to put in the sig is that it will get leads and hasd the potential to earn an income. There is however atone point a small investment, but there lies the question. How do I or caan I put that in a signature for the forum?
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    If it is your own offer/product then I think it's okay.

    If it is a program or offer you are an affiliate of- or it is MLM and you are working on your downline then it may not be allowed.

    If the "small investment" is part of a pyramid scheme where the money made from the program is based on "small investments" of new members it may be similar to a ponzi scheme and again, not allowed.

    Without the details- the scheme seems a litle shady.
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    "Need advice" is not a good title for a post. You'll get more and better responses if your title says what you need advice about.

    You shouldn't force people to open and read your post - just to see what it is.

    Just a thought in the spirit of constructive criticism...
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    What WSO are you following. If your new to this you may be better off picking a niche you are more interested and knowledgeable in. To get potential leads from your signature you need credibility, and to get credibility you need to answer forum posts and be active. If you choose a niche that you are familiar with you will be more incline to answer questions and therefor increase your rep, leading to leads through your signature.

    This is just a thought and how I picked up on the basics of Internet Marketing. Hope this helps a bit, and in no way trying to pull you away from your current venture, just another way you may want to go about it.
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    Put it in your sig and see. If i'm understanding correctly. Shoot "support" an email and send them the image/tag line you want to put in your signature, and see what they say.
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