Tracking Progress in Membership Sites

by Trivum
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I'm interested in tracking members' progress inside a membership site and ALSO letting members track their own progress.

So, for example, say there are 10 modules. And inside of each module there are 4 sections.

I'd like for members to easily be able to see that they are on Module #3, Section #2, for example. Then when they come back to the site, they can pick up where they left off.

I'd also like users to be able to enter data to track their own progress. I'm not in the weight loss niche, but for example, say users could put in how many pounds they lost each week and see that tracked over time.

Are any of the membership solutions out there especially good for this?

Or, are there third-party solutions (ideally that work with WordPress) that can easily be integrated into a membership site?

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