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Hello Warriors!

I am somewhat confused! I don't know whether I should have specific email accounts for specific marketing activities, or whether to just use one main email address for all marketing purposes.

I feel that having an email address that reflects what I do is a good thing, but having too many email addresses makes it harder to manage.

Your advice is greatly appreciated!
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    I only use 1 main support email for all my marketing purposes.

    And I have other emails for any JV/partnerships etc.

    It keeps things simple for me.

    Like you said you don't want things to get too confusing.

    Just make a note of which email you use and what purpose it's used for.
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    having different email accounts is really a good approach of marketing. I maintain at least 5 email accounts for marketing purpose and that is too in any person's name. In that way only the marketing is gonna look natural.
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    1 email address for personal use and 1 email address for business/marketing use. This s what I do since 2002.

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    Yea email addresses can add up. Its really up to you in the end. I have my main LLC caomny name and I have a support desk associated with that and no matter what the product is I have them submit a ticket via that support desk and they can pick what product it is about. So thats one option. Another option is to have all your different email accounts forward to a single acount. And also you could just decide to use one email overall.
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    I recommend the Gmail is the best for the marketing


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    Thanks guys, it's a bit of a grey area for me deciding just how many emails to use. I like the idea of forwarding to one account though. Thanks guys!
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