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I hope everyone is good. I have a website on wordpress hosted with hostwinds and my own domain via Godaddy. My problem is my webiste is all about full length movies so I need some advice. I need to host my videos with a VPS or a decent and relatively cheap video player host if that makes sense? The movies are copyright so I have been advised by others to use an offshore VPS that ignores DCMA notices.

I am really unsure about the technicalities of it all. presently I am lucky, because I am taking advantage of a free trial for one month video hosting and player with brightcove! its great and has amazing analytic's but that ends in the next week. So I will be left with videos that don't play and I really cannot afford for that to happen. You may be wondering why I am not happy to sign up after the free trial? This is because they recently removed their entry level plan which was cheap but over my budget of 70.00 GBP per month, now its 300.000 GBP per month...

So I have found something called liberty VPS their plans are affordable and hosted in the netherlands. I think a 25GB storage with 2 TB per month bandwidth is $24.99 per month around 16 GBP which is great. But if i get it and upload these movies to the VPS, I know i will be stuck as I will not be able to put them on my wordpress site without a player of some sort?? I would be grateful for any advice.

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