First webinar - any advice?

by WillST
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Hi guys,

Ran my first webinar last night, and didn't go 100% to plan...

265 registrants (happy with that for my first attempt)
82 showed up for the webinar - 30% (needs to be improved)
33 online at the end to see the offer
1 sale at $497... (dismal!)

A LOT of effort went into this... So back to the drawing board this morning, has anyone any tips on the following:

1. Keeping people on the webinar until the end (more people see offer, more chance of getting sales)
2. Cranking up the anticipation through the webinar so people are actually waiting to buy
3. Getting people to buy!

Very disappointed to be honest, but I suppose we all start somewhere.

Feedback from the webinar was excellent too - a handful of people even emailed afterwards asking if they could watch it again - so people enjoyed it - but didnt buy!

I'm thinking some areas where I could have improved are as follows:

a) Shorten the webinar slightly (mine ran for 90 mins, need to squeeze into 60mins).
b) Show don't tell. I think I gave away FAR too much content on the webinar, resulting in people being of the opinion that they had 'enough' to try themselves before buying the product... (this then turns into 'never' buying the product)
c) Lower the price from $497 to $297? Will still be profitable, but quite as much so... I'm thinking a lower price point will encourage more people to whip their credit card out...

I think I'm just venting here a little to be honest :-/

From all of the above though, does anyone have any words of advice, or pearls of wisdom?

The replay is going out tomorrow, so potentially (hopefully!) can sneak another sale there...

Any opinions or thoughts would be greatly(!) appreciated

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    Well, you did make at least one sale. That's something to be proud of... for now!

    $2/100 words for REGULAR CONTENT
    $4/100 words for TOP NOTCH MONEY CONTENT
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    You don't say what market you're in, but if it's internet marketing related, it's possible your prospects are simply fed up with the format. So many webinars these days are just thinly-disguised, extended sales pitches that you can't blame people for being wary.

    I don't think the answer is to provide less good content. Perhaps you could use shorter webinars that don't actually pitch anything, but would serve to increase your credibility with your target market which you could take advantage of down the line.


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    Well the price point is not necessarily the problem here. $497 is actually a very good pricepoint to start (depending on your offer) but it is always good to test out different price points. But I would change the first two things you said... try and make the webinar about 60 minutes. It seems to be a good medium and then anything after that can just be a Q&A if you want. As for the content, it is quite possible that you gave too much. Usually if you cover like 3-5 topics that your product covers and give a little about each that is okay. You want to exaplin the problem, and give a solution. Basically explain to them how it can be solved without giving too many actionable steps to that solution. Those actionable steps come with your end offer.
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    Thanks so far guys...

    Its not IM related (or at least not traditionally). The product is 'An Advanced Social Media Marketing Training Program'

    Target market is small business owners...
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    I think this...

    "Basically explain to them how it can be solved without giving too many actionable steps to that solution. Those actionable steps come with your end offer." where I went wrong.

    Attempt number 2 coming this week. I think I'm going to also lower the price to $297... hopefully start to see it convert, and then increase to $497 on the next webinar... Attendees will only ever (I assume) watch a webinar once anyway, so no one will know about any price changes.
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    Shorter and without giving too much away initially.

    Maybe have one webinar where you give advice, teach how to do something and then set a task to be completed for the next webinar, where you can push the sales pitch and offer a prize?

    People will stay to learn but tend to turn off once the selling starts, unless you have hooked them in with something first.
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      I agree with Katie; people still do not really like being "sold" to, but if you have built rapport & trust with people and them people now have access to something they need.......
      I have just experienced the Quick Start Challenge run by Dean Holland. I really enjoyed the content, it got me to take action, then more action to the point where I was looking forward to each webinar - then when the sales pitch came in the last session I snapped his hand off, as I knew that his style suited me and I was already making progress toward my goals after months of wondering what to do first.
      One very happy customer!!
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    Who signed up--people from your existing list, who know you at least somewhat? Or "cold" registrants, for whom this was their first contact with you? If the former, ask some of them why they left early or why they didn't buy. If the latter, consider a "light" version of your product for maybe $97, with a higher-end upsell and back-end product. (You can ask them the same questions as you would a "warm" group but may not get much response.
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    Interesting point MNord...

    I was mainly pushing this to 'cold' individuals (I used FB ads to drive optins) so before then had no prior relationship with the attendees (other than my pre webinar autoresponder sequence)...

    I'm going to make the changes listed above to my next webinar... (cold traffic again)

    If still doesnt convert, Im going to have to draw out my nurture process a little more before asking for the sale... Maybe build list with Free Report, then autoresponder for a month, then webinar with high ticket offer...(?!)
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    So those numbers aren't terrible. One thing you could do to get more to show up and to stick around is to have them "check in" on Twitter to say they're on the webinar (probably depends on your audience and whether they're Twitter-savvy and/or willing to disclose they're looking into your product).

    Second, you could actually call people out and unmute them and engage them during the webinar. And do the hook thing where you hook them and announce several times that they have to stick around to find out what happened with XYZ story.

    As to sales, put all the attendees on a drip email program and woo them further. At the end of the email cycle, survey those who didn't bite and find out why.

    Good luck!
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    Thank you Gretchenr those are some brilliant ideas!

    Will put these into play now too!

    Thanks for everyone for chirping in so far - I've got loads of ideas for things to implement in order to make the next one better.

    All I need to do is get a conversion rate of 6.7% from the webinar (1st one was 1.2%) and I'm on to a winner!

    All the webinar training products/courses I've taken explain that an 'average' conversion rate is around 10-30% which sounds completely crazy!

    Has anyone ran a webinar with a conversion rate of around 10% of better?
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  • My first 3 webinars where a technical disaster like no sound or no video etc... Took me about 5 to make first sale. You did great! Next one will be better. Good luck!

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