what to put on an affilate page?

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Hi Guys,

I want to add an affiliate page to one of my info product pages, what kind of info do I need to put on their, the product has no sales history ATM, Obviously a breakdown of commission, how it's paid, and then a promotions pack for affiliates.... where would I find info or models of what a promotions pack would contain?

All the best Gary
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    My honest opinion is to not expect affiliates to promote a product you have not already proven to be a good seller. If you have no sales history then you need to get out there and make sure the product actually sells before even thinking about trying to recruit affiliates.
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    Do a google for standard size adverts then get some banner adverts made up.
    Something like affiliate surge will allow you to add links with the affiliate id already added.
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    You will need a set of creatives including banner ads, video ad if possible, text ads, testimonials.

    But, you need to make some sales yourself or you won't attract many affiliates.
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    You need to create a JV page for your site, and attract people to come up and sign up as an affiliate.

    Offer banners, email swipes and other resources to make it easy for them to promote.

    Offer testimonials and sales records (if you have any)

    Also you can post on the affiliate section here in WF and request affiliates.

    In the beginning you have to do whatever it takes to get some affiliates, that's it!
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    Everyone always says banners but honestly, how many affiliates ever use the banners?

    The type of affiliates you want to attract are those with email lists of customers already.

    If you want quality affiliates then YOU need to chase THEM -- not the other way around.

    And to do that you need solid proof of a high converting product. No one wants to be your guinea pig.
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    Originally Posted by gazc130 View Post

    Hi Guys,
    the product has no sales history ATM, Obviously a breakdown of commission, how it's paid, and then a promotions pack for affiliates....
    Don't forget to provide instructions on how to join the affiliate program - what system you're using, how to sign up and how long they need to wait for approval if needed.

    It's a good idea to have affiliates sign up to a mailing list so you can mail them additional tools (banners, emails, landing pages) and also to notify them if you're doing any promotional events they should take note of.

    Email swipes are basically pre-made emails they can use to send to their existing list. Basically a template they can copy and paste, putting in their affiliate links.

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      I'm on a real steep learning curve here, what do you mean by affiliate program?
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