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Hello everyone

Can anyone advise on HOW To get Started with Affiliate Marketing to Help me make my first £ or $ for my psychological factor?

Looking for any advice to get me moving to making that first £ or $

Books to read?

Any Help/Advice Appreciated
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    There is easy money to be made in promoting low-competition Amazon products because ranking is typically easy. Simply target products that nobody else is targeting.

    You could also establish your own "brand", using social media to establish an audience and then marketing to that audience and building an email list.
    Want a REAL Online Business That's Fun to Run?
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      Hanx for the Reply wolfmmiii

      But would need to read up or watch a video tutorial on how to do that :confused:
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    PMing you....
    Want a REAL Online Business That's Fun to Run?
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    This is one of my favorite way to make money.I personally believe that if I have a little knowledge on how affiliate marketing works and than make a strategy will bring our success.It is not a quick way to make money.I have found some really interesting articles on affiliate marketing and hope you will get a clear idea by reading these on what you are looking for.

    >> Start Making Money With ClickBank
    >> Best Way To Make Money Online - Affiliate Marketing
    >> Beginners Guide To Make Money Online With Amazon
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    In my opinion, Amazon is bar far the best for beginners in IM. If you put the work in, and target low competition products, you can make your first $ pretty fast.

    The best thing about this, it gives you experience and confidence. Rinse and repeat, for higher earnings, or broaden out into the higher competition area for higher rewards.
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    Hi Brannie,

    First, start by finding a product to sell that you're interested in. Be sure to buy the product yourself so have first hand experience.

    If you're not interested in what you're selling then you probably won't make it very far in affiliate marketing.

    David Hunter | Duke of Marketing

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    You can ether promote a clickbank product or Amazon products. There are several high-converting Psychology-related materials on Clickbank to promote.

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    If you are looking to inform yourself better, may I point you in the direction of anything by Pat Flynn or Mark Ling. When researching IM there is a massive risk of information overload (everyone suffers from it in the beginning) and so filtering out the good from the crap is important. These two dudes are two of the 'good guys'. Way ahead of most people, yes, but can still relate to the beginner.
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    I agree. I have learned a lot of the years from Pat Flynn he's one the best out there.
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    Just learn internet marketing. Affiliate product or your product.... doesn't matter. Master how to sell anything online and you'll be in the money.
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      Spencer's guidance at NichePursuits is invaluable.

      Refer Niche Site Project 2 Overview | Niche Pursuits to get started.

      (sorry for spamming multiple threads with the same answer. I can assure you that Spencer does not pay me in cash to do this - he only carries out his money making experiments in full view of his readers)
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    There is a book on the market that I read even after I had years on experience with making money with affiliate marketing.

    The book is called:

    How I earned my first million online and how you can too by Ewen Chia.

    It gives you everything you need to know on how to succeed online with affiliate programs.

    You can get it on Amazon and it is a physical book and not an ebook.

    Highly recommended.
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    Don't forget to build your list the same time you promote affiliate offers. If you build an email list (I would highly encourage you) you have the chance to follow up with your subscribers. You can build a relationship and trust. This way you can make a lot more money from one visitor instead of losing him.
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    If your new to Affiliate Marketing, and are considering E-Books to help you, I did just that.
    However, I learned alot of them have much the same information. Before you buy an ebook, be sure to read not only the reviews, but also take note on how many pages it contains.
    I get mine from Amazon for my Kindle. Some are how to market a site, others are on how to build an email list, etc. Trust me, get the Kindle. Otherwise your bookcase will be full! Mine was till I got the Kindle. Lots handier. Good luck to you.
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    Start out with a reviews website. A great way to siphon money from affiliate products and target eager buyers online. You might want to check out this Free Software tool (and free training) that builds affiliate websites instantly with reviews. It's free, no catch and pretty useful here - you can also monetize the site further automatically with amazon and adsense, pretty neat
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    I recommend list building in combination with affiliate marketing.

    Build a squeeze page, create a free offer to giveaway in exchange for email addresses, and then focus on generating traffic with one or two different traffic generation methods. Promote affiliate products through your emails.

    Get on the lists of other marketers and do what they do. Study their email campaigns, and apply what you learn.
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