Best time to send emails?

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I know this is highly subjsective, but what time does your autoresponder sends out messages?

Is it around the same time the subscriber's opted-in?

Thanks for the feedback.
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    Google some infographics from respected sources like the mail chimp blog and they should give you a better understanding depending on your niche

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    As far as I know there are three time slots during the day when people are more sensitive to opening the email. In the morning (9-10), in the afternoon (13-14) and in the evening (17-18). Not the week-ends.
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    I've found that I get higher open rates when I schedule my emails to early morning (like 6 or 7 am) so that the email is waiting for them in their inbox when they turn on their computer in the morning.
    Higher open rates in weekdays than in weekends.
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    if you bother to do list building properly and do it right, people will not care, they will be waiting and looking forward to your emails, even at 1am in the morning.
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      yeah, it is subjective. I keep it simple. 8am or 8pm EST. It's tough to really choose a specific time that's best since you don't know the timezone of every person it's going to. Don't overthink it.

      And like someone else said, if you build a relationship with people the right way (not killing them with constant offers and truly giving them what they want) people will actually look forward to your e-mails and not want to miss them.

      Also, the subject of the e-mail can be related to the time you send it. So for example, the subject "Are you still up?" may get better open rates at 11pm than 8pm. Or "Are you awake yet?" would most likely perform better in the early morning hours. Hope that helps.

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    If you target U.S.A, best time for sending the emails - 6.00 - 8.00 PM EST.
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    My auto responder sends them out around the same time they subscribed. It isn't 100% but it's around that time.

    For the most part, I don't think about WHEN to send emails... if I feel like sending an email, I do it then and there, whether it's 3AM in the US, or 3AM in Australia.
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    I'm a big fan of sending out at 9 am...

    Also because I can send to unopens again later on that day
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      James...NO ONE is addressing is the email B2C or B2B...I imagine there is a difference in open rate...I suggest testing your niche. IF people are excited about receiving you email, they may open at 3am....I have!
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