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by byalik
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I will be using popup domination to get emails on popups but what are your recommended tools for getting email addresses on blog posts?

I would like something that has great templates/designs, can be used to unlock posts and or to obtain product downloads in exchange for giving up an email

Specifically looking for something I can use inside of blog posts and sidebar
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    Ask your visitors to subscribe. Collecting emails without the owner's consent s not a good idea.

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    Adie that's what I was talking about. How else would I get a visitors email address without them subscribing
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    Hello, providing you can harvest the emails legitimately I recommend subscribing to GetResponse as they have some excellent email templates and autoresponders.
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    How else would I get a visitors email address without them subscribing
    How indeed? If they don't enter it in some kind of form how would you get it?

    Maybe you can hook their CC number too, right out of their wallet?
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    Aweber and Getresponse are good tools for collecting email addresses. Both require email address to visitors before getting any downloadable products.
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    Dear This is a Viral question asked by my students nearly every day!

    The simple steps to be followed for this purpose are very simple to understand but before I explain you all the steps , Just VISIT MY SITE HERE..

    Now Follow these steps -

    1. Have 2 Optin forms like I have placed on my site.
    2. Have a Message Pop Up like I have it on my site with the clear message of what will a subscriber benefit by giving their Email address to you!
    3. Just check any of my blog post and see that there are social sharing icons placed in different parts to collect leads.
    4. There are couple of links going to the squeeze page.
    5. Use share locker to get more social visibility.

    Try all these and above all THE QUALITY OF CONTENT SHOULD BE very high and very helpful to readers!

    I hope this will surely help you and for more tutorials follow me in my Mission 2014.
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    It sounds like optinskin is what you're looking for. It's a word press plug-in. It will populate an opt-in box in the body of your blog posts.

    Here's the link if you want to check it out -

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    For blog posts, there are plugins that you can search for to do that for you. Or simply use one of the commercial auto responders such as Getresponse or Aweber and they have built-in web forms that you can create and then place on your individual blog posts.
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