Keywords and Long Tail Keywords What's the Diff...

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What's the difference between keywords and long tail keywords?
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    Here would be an example of the difference:

    Keyword: acne cure
    Long Tail Keyword: how can I naturally cure my acne

    The one will get many searches, usually, but will have many competing sites.

    The other will not get many searches but will have so little competition that
    it is easy to get a top search engine ranking for them.

    This is very simplified but essentially, that's the difference.
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      I can't add anything to what Steven said except this...

      People search for the damndest things!

      Go to Seo keyword tool and type in 'How to' without the will really embarrass you what people are searching for!

      Go to 'DIY' and the first hit is building a chicken coop! Of all things?

      It is extremely hard to get your site indexed for "Acne Cure", but those few people that are searching for " What Acne Cure Will Stop All These Craters on My Face" will make you a bundle if you're the first site they see


      Need a Simple Product/Service to Market to Offline Clients? Sell Them DFY Custom Videos.

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        keywords might be of all type. General keywords have a lot of competition like Weigh Loss, but a long tail keyword like "how to loss 10 punds in 28 days" has less competition. You must focus on these keywords for SEO purpose.
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          Addition to Steve, Long Tail is more specific and targeted. So if you hit on the right keyword, usually the conversion is higher than an ordinary keyword.
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