The same article content in every article directory?

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How about the same article content in every article directory? Will it work? Or I need to submit different content of aritcle to different article directory?

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    You can submit the same if you wish, a better suggestion though...

    * First post your articles to your site / blog before anyplace else, give it a few days to get indexed unless you do pings or bookmarking which should get it indexed faster.

    * Next take your articles and you want to spin them "Yes I said spin them" - Make sure you use a "proper" tool for spinning, there are a few that exist. You want to make sure you change up the paragraphs, summary, and titles. Your aim here is approx 60% or higher.

    * Once you have about 20 articles that are spun then you can post them on article directories. Take each one and post it to a differemt article directory, if you are posting to more than 20 directories then just shoot them out randomly. As long as you have the original on your site.

    * The benefits here of spun articles are many but I will list a few:

    -*- You do not know what might change in the furture so it's good to have different versions of your articles out there. Dup content does not exist, it is a myth but still you are preparing yourself for what may come in the future. If you already have different versions posted then you do not need to wrry about it.

    -*- Publishers are more likely to pickup your articles if they see different versions because not all publishers want to post the same exact content joe blow and a hundred others did.

    -*- You can track these articles and see which performs the best, since you spun it and changed the wording / keywords around it gives you the ability to have live testing to see what performs better and will help you with future articles.

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      I never actually have problems with submitting same content to articles directories but I never submit the same content on my site. However, I do try rewriting my articles a little bit as I use a software called unique article wizard which needs some rewriting for it to work. with this rewritten articles, I can put different keywords in your anchor texts. Just thought if you would like to know.
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    You don't 'need' to submit different content to different directories, but you will get better results if you do. (more of your backlinks will 'stick')
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    Originally Posted by webhosting134 View Post

    How about the same article content in every article directory? Will it work? Or I need to submit different content of aritcle to different article directory?

    I second what RichJerk said, although I've not used the spinner software.
    There was a thread several month's back where someone (I forget who said it) suggested that we submit to ezineariticles first, get it accepted and the remaining article directories.... we use the EA url as the target rather than the original url being promoted.

    Use EA as the back link to original target, all lessor article directories are used to build back links TO the backlinks.

    I tried it, seemed to work pretty good for me.

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  • I usually write a unique version for my website and then another unique version for EzineArticles. I then have it rewritten again and that version is submitted to all other article directories. And if I'm feeling real ambitious, I will spin the final rewrite a few times as well.

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    Submitting the same article will only cause duplicate content issues so don't ever waste a good article from your site onto others. Rewrite it so its different and you should be ok!
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    No you can use the same articles in the same article directories. Don't worry about anyone telling you about "duplicate content." Duplicate content refers to duplicate content within the same domain. NOT duplicate content across multiple domains. This is a common mistake people make.

    Look at Google's help section and my point will be proven.
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