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I'm putting together all the assets for my very first product and I wanted to get some input about an OTO. If somebody does not purchase the OTO, do you still offer it to them through the follow up emails? And if so, do you still offer it at the same price?

I'm just thinking that if you tell somebody the offer won't be available again and yet you still send follow up emails about the product, you might lose some credibility.

Any thoughts?

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  • The name OTO has been misused by marketers who decided that it was appropriate to take what once used to be a true "One Time Offer", and began using the name OTO to describe what is in fact nothing more than a basic cross-sell, add-on, up-sell, etc, which is then offered later on again.

    That scenario is not a true OTO!

    It is especially wrong when the customer sees, "STOP... You are only going to see this offer once"! but then the page can be accessed at any time...

    However, some marketers have no ethics, and some marketers simply don't know better and copy what others do.

    Here's a great related thread...

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    Like it or not, an OTO interrupts the new member, and delays them from getting them where they want to be inside your members area, accessing your products. Your new customer has purchased or registered because they're eager to get at what you're offering; if you're going to slow them down, you'd better have a VERY good reason for doing so.

    The best rule to obey when crafting your OTOs is to make a smooth transition from registration, to OTO, to the members area. Relevancy will greatly reduce the likelihood of irritating your customer but almost as important is how easily you flow from one page to the next.
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    You can offer the EXACT same offer at a HIGHER price within the first
    few emails you send out to them.

    If they don't buy it then, they probably never will after that.

    It all depends on how often you email your lists in terms of how many
    broadcast emails you send too.

    After they have gone through your original sequence you can add them to
    a "Broadcast" list so you know that they have gone through your sequence
    and aren't interested in BUYING your offer.

    You can then FOCUS on sending other related offers to that list segment.

    As in terms of credibility for you OTO...

    ...YOU DON'T HAVE TO SAY IT'S going to be gone forever when you
    offer it the 1st time round.

    If your offer is relevant enough to what your subscriber has signed up for
    then you should be able to make enough sales that way.

    But this is all THEORY UNTIL...


    TEST, tweak & optimize your funnel as many tomes it takes to make it
    profitable enough for you to be able to make sound traffic buying decisions.
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    Originally Posted by 242Studios.com View Post

    I'm just thinking that if you tell somebody the offer won't be available again and yet you still send follow up emails about the product, you might lose some credibility.
    So on your first page or OTO page, don't say that.

    You can tell them that there is a chance that the price might increase for them in the near future.
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    If they refused the offer,I don't bother them with extra emails about it,it plays on your reputation....don't be spammy.

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    If you are too scared to put the OTO in front of your new customers then it simply means your offer is not good enough. I offer upsells and upgrades all the time and I always do it immediately after they have purchased. If I have something I truly think will help them with the product they have just purchased then why wouldn't I tell them about it? I'd be doing them a disservice if I didn't. It all comes back to how much you actually believe on your products.
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    I prefer the concept of the Upsell vs the OTO. Just because they don't buy it the first time doesn't mean they won't buy it later, especially of they really liked your front end product. With the Upsell you can use that in your follow-ups several times. If you try and use the OTO scarcity tactic and then follow-up with it later it will hurt your credibility. Think in the long term here, not just the quick cash.
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    "Get it right now at this price.

    If they see it again at the regular price, they know you were offering them a deal...which helps credibility.
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    It all depends on who you target.

    If you target morons: offer an OTO
    If you target intelligent people: Offer an upsell.

    An upsell can always be offered again and it should be. A customer often realizes after he started to go through the front end product that he or she actually wants to have the upsell.

    This will not happen if you target morons. They simply buy once and then forget everything including who sold them and what they bought.

    So, don't take things too serious but don't think your customers are all morons.

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    Yes, you could always use scarcity to remind them if they are keen to buy the product in one of your follow u emails
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      One way would be to offer your upsell - DON'T call it a one time offer - at a special price if they buy it now. Later you can offer it to those who didn't buy, but now at its full price. In fact, offer it to them all and those who have bought will see your credibility and be reminded of the bargain that they had.

      Profits Theme has an OTO option and you can make it real - never accessible again - or fake. It's up to your own ethics and trading style.
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    I would offer them an upsell and also add the upsell in an upsell file included in the download package offering the upsell at a slightly higher price. They can see they got good value if they purchased the upsell at the start and you gain credibility with the slightly higher price and they know that the next time they get an offer from you, they need to buy it straight away.
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    Thanks for all of the replies guys. I pretty much agree with you that you lose a great deal of credibility if you say it's only available now and yet offer it again later at the same price. Thanks!
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    OTO = One Time Offer. You dont offer it again. If you do your just showing people that your a flake. UpsSell is not a one time offer, you can offer it to them again.
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    Just use correct terminlogy and you'll be fine

    If it's a one time offer, don't offer it again...(at the same price)
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