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Hi. any one could help me how to build an email list with free software.
If you know please tell the process.
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    Jaydev it will be hard to build a list without at least some expenses. Autoresponder at a minimum. You can build Facebook fanpages and grow a following and then convert to an email list. Or you can create a free product to give away in exchange for an email address. But at some point you will (at least) need an autoresponder (and likely hosting and a domain) if you want to get into email marketing.
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    You can use a regular email program (like Gmail) to send out multiple copies of email to individuals without an auto-responder. If you know how to paste HTML code you can embed a blog or a website with a link that people can respond to.

    I suggest using these methods until you get over 100 good email addresses. Then after that, you can get a cheap auto-responder from a company like SendFree or MailChimp.

    You can read more about these as well as instructions on how to do email real cheap here: FREE List Building Tricks

    God Bless!

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    Thanks brian for your opinion.
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    MailChimp works well, and before you hit the max sign ups allowed on the free plan, you probably(or should) have converted enough sales to afford a subscription.
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    If you cannot bare to invest in email marketing tools then...

    ...You could look at building a following via a FaceBook page
    and communicate with your followers there.

    Then once you can AFFORD to invest from any sales you make
    you can then look at MOVING THOSE FaceBook followers
    onto an email list.
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    use the mailchimp this the best and his some future us paid


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