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Just got my second Kindle book approved this morning by Amazon in the KPD Select program. I'm super excited. English is not my first language (Serbian is), so I struggle to get pass the google robot checker when I upload it.

The first book took me a day and a half to write (it's sci-fi) and two days to edit.

The second book is non-fiction. I plan to make this my main focus and sci-fi my passion writing. The non-fiction book took me 8 hours to write and 4 hours to edit.

For writing I'm using Dragon. It's about 90% accurate on my Mac and 95% on Windows. The Mac built in dictation is no where near and the windows 8 one is the worst. This is at least for me.

I had problem with microphones and found the best one Andrea NC-181 that one has USB powered noise canceling and works the best (for me at least).

My plan is to use the KDP to promote the non fiction book and focus on backend which is how I did on my offline direct response marketing over the years so I'm hoping the same will apply for kindle. Lets see.

Once the 90 days is up I'll have my VA start posting to KOBO, B&N etc.. I'm still learning about all this.

As for writing my plan is 1 per week for a few months, then 1 sci-fi and 1 non fiction per week (2 books per week).

The problem I'm lacking on right now is a have a huge passion for sci-fi and I have a series idea that I can write 1000 books and I'm sure I will not run out of ideas, I just have no clue what to offer on the back end, hopefully it will come to me later.

One more thing, it's the Pen name system Amazon uses - IT'S AMAZING! On my sci-fi book I made up a name which is what I use for the book sci-fi blog I just started, where I plan to capture the emails from the ebooks. What I like is that on Amazon it was super easy, just put your name, then on Author Central you just pick your book and that's it!

I have a feeling this will be my #1 way of making money in a year or two. I just love it and i'm hooked!

Ok, time to hunker down start book #3.

PM me if you are stuck on book #1, I'll be happy to help you out.
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    I'm happy to hear you're succeeding. I have to say, your English is very good considering it's not your primary language.
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    Dictation can dramatically increase writing productivity. But there's a learning/comfort curve that many people have to overcome (myself included).

    Just a thought on the sci-fi backend...you could do t-shirts, mugs, etc.

    Congrats and best wishes for continued success.

    Freelance Writer, Indie Author Coming Soon!

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