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Hi guys,

With the release of Affiliate WP we have now created an affiliate program for our marketplace.

I started out in affiliate marketing and remember the power of leveraging the affiliate marketing community.

For everyone who has had success here marketing affiliate programs, what is a good strategy for generating interest in the affiliate program.

What are your strategies?

We already let our customers know. And we already have banners made. The next step for us is generating interest from markets we are not hooked into.

Any advice that could be summed up in 3 bullet points?

Current advice stands:


Affiliate Forums (details pending)
Affiliate Directories (details pending)
Content Marketing Strategies
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    1. Affiliate forums and affiliate sections of the internet marketing forums.
    2. Affiliate directories.
    3. Publishing articles about affiliate marketing.

    Especially some forums work pretty well for me.
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  • Profile picture of the author Super Affiliate and are the two big sites you can promote your affiliate programs. All the gurus who are ready to launch their products use those sites.

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    Thanks for the information fellas. The next step I plan to take is to create a workflow order to give to an outsourced hand to promote our program on these places.

    If anyone else has good locations like the ones mentioned I will appreciate the leads. I'm going to want to build a comprehensive target list.
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    Yes, lock arms with current affiliate networks as already stated.

    Also, go into Facebook and target affiliates, or people who like, certain affiliate networks. Chances are, if someone likes an affiliate network, that they're an affiliate and could be your market.
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      You might also want to take a look at Perpetual Launch in addition to Muncheye & others...

      Good Luck,

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